8 Things You Should Know About The HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 Which was launched back during MWC 2015 and HTC has announced that the device would go on sale starting from today (U.S.A), the initial impression of M9 were great, the device had camera issues for which HTC will continue pushing out the updates(received an update) in future to address the issues, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 810 Chipset, The One M9 is one of the most powerful smartphone on the planet, but there are few things you need to know before opting the One M9 so do check the following list.
The Competition: During MWC 2015 it’s not just One M9 but also The Samsung’s widely hyped flagship device, The Galaxy S6. Apart from the S6 there is LG G-Flex 2, Note 4, the upcoming LG G4, Obviously the competition is brisk the One M9 performance should be a stand out in order to sustain the Race.
The Ultra-Pixel is Moved to Front Side: HTC One M8’s camera was hit or miss, with mediocre performance, the One M8 camera faced lot of criticism for its poor performance, As an upgrade HTC didn’t completely leave the Ultra pixel Sensors instead now they shifted to the front, while the rear packs 20.7mega-pixel camera. still the One M9 suffers from poor camera performance, this is the issue with camera sensors and the glitches in the camera software, for which HTC assured with an update.
Refreshing Sense U.I Themes: If you are one of them who like to theme a lot, you’ll be happy to see the Theme Robust engine is being included in the Sense U.I 7. The theming engine lets you change the entire look and feel of the device completely. HTC has done brilliant job by including the theme engine.
Beautiful Design: As We Mentioned during the launch, the design of M9 looks similar to One M8, but its not entirely similar, the device looks a mix between M7 and M8, taking the best design features of both these devices results the in One M9 which by the way looks great.
No Over Heating Issues: Few Days after the launch of device, few reports suggested that the device would get hotter but, that isn’t true anymore. yeah the device gets little hot while heavy multitasking or gaming but we wouldn’t call it overheating. so if you are in the verge of buying m9 but having second thoughts, just let them go and get the device. It’s great.
The Amazing Uh-Oh Program: The U.S users of one M9 have yet another reason to rejoice, The UH-OH major upgrade warranty program, where the users get replace the One M9/M8 in the event of screen damage or any other external damage. The coverage lasts of 12 months from the date of purchase of the device.
Expandable Storage: Samsung Ditching the SD Card expansion gives a slight edge to One M9 which has expandable SD expansion. This key feature might sway away the Samsung Galaxy S6 unless you live in Taiwan you can always easily pair it with 128GB SD card.
Availability Options: The HTC One M9 will be made available starting from today (U.S.A) and the pricing might vary depending upon the carrier, On-Contract, Off-Contract, well if you decide on paying the whole at once, you are now looking at $599.99.

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