How To Recover Lost or Deleted Files on Your Android Device

How Painful does it feel when you accidentally delete your data/files saved in your Android phone? Knowing that one misclick, deleted the files is so much to take right? Don’t stress too much, we are here with a cool solution to recover your deleted files or I must say lost files, it’s like a simple ctrl+z key combination which we use in word documents. By the end of the trick, I am sure you will be happy learning a useful thing. Without any further late, let’s dig into the details.

On your computer, deleting a file doesn’t completely delete, it simply moves the file to recycle bin, with the file capacity still there, and can be recovered easily by highlighting the file and clicking the restore button. But that’s not the case in android there is no recycle bin in the Android operating system, hence I hear people asking, is there any way to recover? And the answer is Yes, The files can be recovered with its full capacity. Deleting a file means, freeing up the space utilized, not deleting the content of the file, I know it’s kind of confusing, but You don’t need to understand the mechanism involved, to explain in simple deleting means freeing up the space, but the actual content is saved in the form of cache. Okay, there are few methods for recovering the lost data on Android.

Recover lost/deleted files on android

Method-1: File Recovery Apps
This is the Traditional Way of recovering the deleted files on android rather than the desktop recovery, (which i will discuss later). There are a hand full of Android apps, available in play Store which are used for recovering the lost/deleted data, but among them, I find Disk Digger app to be useful. Note that the app requires Root Permission to Access system level files. Go Ahead and Install the Application From Play Store. Once you have installed the application, Go ahead and Select which section of your device storage you want to search and recover, after selecting the storage location, the app asks you to choose the file type, I mean video file, pictures, or documents, etc. Choosing the required options makes the search faster and accurate, The longer the scan the more accurate the result, so be patient while the app functions.  Once the search is completed, the app shows the list of deleted/lost files in which the required files can be selected and recovered easily, no more stressing out to recover deleted files.

Method-2: Recuva System Software
Well Known PC utility software called Recuva, Developed by Piriform, Most of the software tools from the developer were very useful, now Recuva is one among them, which we will use to recover lost or deleted files in this method. Firstly install the Recuva software, Connect your Android phone to laptop/computer via USB cable, note that device must be connected either as mass storage or MTP, if in case the software didn’t recognize the mobile, back up your data and format the SD card as Fat32 or NTFS, and there is a minor possibility of disk corrupt so to be on the safe side just backup all your content. Once everything’s done, the software asks which type of files must be searched, so go ahead and select file type and drive which you want to recover, once the software is done with search just select the required files and restore files.


Conclusion: So this is the easiest way to recover your lost or deleted files on your android device, if you have liked this article,hit like share it.

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