LG U.X 4.0 With Many interesting Features Introduced

LG has introduced The U.X 4.0 For its Upcoming Flagship Device, that is LG G4 which is scheduled to launch on April 28th, 2015. The LG U.X 4.0 Will be easy-to-use interface, Offering Some High-Level Customization and Heavy Functionality. The UI is based on android 5.0 lollipop, the new UX 4.0 brings Quick Shot, Expert Mode in Camera, new gallery, Smart Alerts and many more, images shown below, depicts the UI change with lollipop elements, and the calendar schedule has also being modified.The LG UX 4.0 will first debut on the LG G4 smartphone later this month, but LG says that it will be coming to other LG devices in future. New features in LG UX 4.0 are, 

The Quick Shot– this will capture images, even when the screen is turned off, press volume button two times to capture the scene instantly.

Smart Board – collects information from music the calendar, music, health, etc. Each app has a widget form so that the user can see them at a glance.

Expert Camera mode – Professional-level features for better camera in app settings.

Calendar – multiple events can be managed if there are set in the same time. the calendar app can work with events from facebook or any other social 

Gallery – Images are arranged in separate albums as Memories based on the place and time it was taken.

Smart Alerts – Offers notification based on environment and lifestyle.

Ring ID –  Set separate ringtones for different people in the address book.

Here is The Video: LG U.X 4.0:

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