Smartphones vs desktops: Which is Better?

There is a section of people who argue on the fact that smartphones have replaced the desktops. Well, we are not going to focus which is dominating and which isn’t. Instead, we will focus on how mobiles are more personalized than the desktop, there are some use cases that we shall explain how and why?

Smartphones are compact: Well we can’t ignore the fact that smartphones are compact in size and can be carried all around without much effort. While desktops, on the other hand, aren’t great gadget to carry around so easily. This is the main disadvantage for desktops. Using a compact sized gadget is always an advantage be worth mentioning at worse cases.

Better performance: people often discuss working efficiency in desktops. Which would occupy the top slot in purchasing the desktop PC? Whereas mobiles people are concerned about the mediocre looks and RAM because mobiles that have great performance are user’s preference.

Cost: Price of a high-end computer vary depending on users very own requirements; the same goes with smartphones also. But the difference is that a high-end smartphone come for a price of basic specs desktop. That gives an edge to smartphones.

Connectivity: Although a computer can connect to a 3G, 4G or other phone network using a dongle connector. Computers do not come proper system equipped thought they can connect to Wi-Fi networks. Smartphone comes with 4G/3G connectivity feature, and ultra-speed downloaded speeds are loaded along with them, giving an edge to smartphones.

Ease of Access: In Desktop Pc you need high-speed internet connectivity to access any web page but in mobile devices you have a different operating system, and respective applications are developed for different Os.With the help of this Operating system, you can access the products or web page even with a very low data plan and also connectivity is not a great issue in mobile devices.

Myntra’s Bold Attempt: India’s One of the largest fashion e-retailer Myntra, may soon fade out its web presence and shift all its operations to its mobile app. This abrupt decision comes as a direct result of the surging mobile internet connectivity in the country, which have in turn resulted in Myra getting most of its customers through mobile. If statistics are to be considered, Myntra pulls in about 80% of its traffic and 60% of sales through its mobile application and plans to carry this figure to 90% by the end of this year. With a figure as big as this, Myntra’s decision does not sound amateurish. This move would be the first instance of an online e-retailer going mobile-only from web and mobile format.

Conclusion: There be N-number counter statements that argue the fact that desktops are more reliable than smartphones, but one can’t ignore that smartphones are more customizable than desktops and are more compact. No wonder why myntra had to shut down their desktop site.


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