Xiaomi Sells 2.11 Million Smartphones in a Day- Sets New Guinness World Record

Xiaomi has set a new world record by selling 2.11 million smartphones in a single day, On the eve of its 5th anniversary sale in china yesterday, The company set Guinness world record, The company earned revenue of 2.08 billion yuan (US$335 million approx.) in just 12 hours of flash sales  and earned 170 million yuan from accessories alone.  

The company also sold 

  • 720,000 units of smart appliances
  • 79,000 units of Mi Wi-Fi 
  • 38,600 sets of Mi TVs
  •  208,000 units of Mi Band 
  • 247,000 set of Mi Power Strip
  • It also sold 403,000 Power banks
  • 336,000 Mi Piston earphones

3.12 million units of Mi air purifiers. 3.05 million orders were placed in total and 0.5 million orders were delivered with 12 hours though 12 major distribution centers in China, Company says 1460 employees were working during the flash sale and 1800 service centers answered more than one million questions on that day. Company aims to sell 100 million smartphones this year

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