6 Things Every HTC One M9 owners should do

HTC One M9 is one of the most powerful and best Android mobile available in the market today. Bought an HTC One M9 smartphone? If yes before you fly high, Here are few things you should do to make most out of your device.
Migrate the Data: If you wish to migrate your data from your old smartphone or iPhone, HTC provides functionality called Tap & Go. This feature helps to restore the data and settings easily, if your old smartphone supports NFC connectivity. If, in case, your old device doesn’t have NFC feature, HTC has another solution through which you can transfer the data.
•    Head to System Settings
•    Select “Transfer content from another phone.”
 The following list will be displayed
1.    HTC Android phone
2.    iPhone
3.    Another android phone
4.    All other phones
•    Choose any one of the option mentioned above.
For iPhone transfer, you must choose whether to restore from iCloud or iTunes and the contacts will be transferred via Bluetooth. For the rest of smartphones, the procedure is as simple as a Bluetooth transfer. This process is simple and will be of great use if you want to transfer your content.

The Uh-Oh program: Once you are done with the initial setup, the first thing you need to do is sign-up for the Uh-Oh program. Uh-Oh is a warranty program by HTC, under which the device will be replaced if it’s damaged; this warranty program covers a period of 12months. Every One M9 user are entitled to sign-up for the program in order to claim the device warranty. If you are one who safeguards his device and don’t use the program, HTC will be giving you the store credit of $100 which can be redeemed on your next purchase.

Theme Engine: HTC has introduced a theme engine with the one m9 smartphone. The app showcases all the available themes that are designed by HTC and some users which alter the entire look and feel of the device with just 1click. The app changes the way the navigation buttons look, changes the icon packs, wallpapers, etc. Well, in case you haven’t found the one that suits you, the app allows you to create a theme manually in no time and lets you upload it. This is one such feature every One M9 user shouldn’t miss.

Modify BlinkFeed Easily: BlinkFeed is HTC’s way of showcasing all your news feed and in a single window. A simple sliding the home screen to left side gives access to BlinkFeed; you can add or remove content from you BlinkFeed suggestions. To add just hover over to left the most side of you home screen and click on Menu button, and tap on three vertical bars to access the menu, and then click “add or remove content” to BlinkFeed. You can pin Facebook and Twitter accounts to your BlinkFeed, all you have to do is select Facebook or Twitter in service apps from main BlinkFeed menu. Now if you are the one who doesn’t need BlinkFeed at all, you can completely remove it from the home screen. Click on menu button from BlinkFeed and choose settings in which there will be an option where you can completely remove it. Don’t worry you can add it later if you need it again.

Sense Home Widget: HTC has designed the sense U.I 7 in a great way though you won’t be noticing any major difference in first glance, But, the re-designed sense U.I introduces Home widget. Sense home widget is a specially designed feature that changes the app suggestions based on your location, all you have to do is just add the widget to your home screen and personalize according to your work/home locations. The widget arranges the apps in a neatly designed order, and it works perfectly, but, it takes some time to learn about your app habits. You can add/ remove widget anytime, similar to any other widget in Android smartphones.
Battery Saver: One M9 has enough battery capacity to last for the single day, but the company has also included a power manager/saver application by default to save some juice for critical conditions. The battery saver application will automatically start if the battery status is below 15%, but this also can be done manually, head over to system settings> power> battery saver and just click “ON”. Ultra-saving mode can save you from uncalled battery drains.

HTC Help Application:  HTC has included the help application. The help app comes pre-loaded with the huge database of some known issues that will be of great help to users. The diagnostic and troubleshoot tools will help to locate the exact problem and also finding a solution. If in case everything fails, you can directly contact the HTC customer support directly via an app and the support team will take control of your device remotely and helping to solve the issue then and there itself. HTC must be appreciated for their effort and knowing that they care about their customers problems.

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