Developer Hacked Apple Watch To Run Browser

A popular developers, hacker Comex, a man behind Apple OS jailbreakME and a former intern at Apple.INC has hacked into the apple watch to run the web browser. The published video demonstrates browser functioning on Apple watch. Comex shows the Google homepage running on watch screen with no images loaded and there is no default keyboard to input, thus the full-fledged search isn’t actually possible. Not just that the content won’t actually fit on the screen due to low display size and real estate area. The video also showcases copy/define menu that is very similar to what we have seen on the full version of IOS operating system. Finally the video makes sense why the Apple watch won’t come with Safari web browser pre-installed and this is the first step leading to the Jailbreak of apple watch and it is possible to run arbitrary code on Watch OS of Apple. The company has announced that Third-Party app support is coming very soon to Apple Watch, it could be one of the announcements at WWDC starting from June 8th-12th.

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