Asus Has Yet Again Delayed The Lollipop Update For Zenfone 5 by 3-4 Months

Asus has done it again. The company has yet again delayed the lollipop update for Zenfone 5 series by 3-4 months this time. The previous news was that Asus has to roll out the update in Mid-May but, seeing the current situation tit’s highly unlikely to happen. Asus India on facebook page has made a comment in the same regard and made it clear for the final time. The Reason for the delay being the Indian local carriers has to sign off the update. Given the situation the update might be delayed for Asus Zenfone 4 and Zenfone 6 as well. This news might leave the Zenfone 5 Users Disappointed and unhappy. 

Below is the Attached Screenshot where Asus India has made a comment to the query asked by Zenfone 5 User. Although that doesn’t mean we won’t see the update until august or September. It simply means the update will be provided in the given period.

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