Features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone, the design, display everything about the smartphone makes it special. The device has many major changes from last year’s S5; the company has finally changed the build from plastic to metal, and it looks incredible. Here are some of the best features of Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.
Smart switch: Companies have realized that it’s becoming pretty hard for users to transfer data from one device to another. So they are now gearing up with their tools that can transfer and backup content easily, one such feature tool is Samsung’s Smart switch. It is one such feature through which data transfer on the go. The procedure for transfer is same for all devices be it apple’s iPhone, iPad, any other smartphones, all you have to do is, first  backup your data, download the Smart switch Android app for S6 then select the content you want to transfer and finish the process. This functionality works the way it should, and it’s also simple.
Customization: Customization on Samsung Galaxy S6 has taken a great leap forward with Themes store. The theme store has a handful of themes that change the complete look and feel of the device though the TouchWiz launcher remains unchanged. Speaking of which, Samsung has trimmed down the TouchWiz by removing most of the bloatware seen on the Galaxy S5, the trimmed down version of TouchWiz is smooth and no hint of lag in U.I. The company is also actively adding new themes every week and allowing users to upload third-party themes. To be frank, these themes add extra beauty to the device.
Private Mode: Private mode is truly a replica of Google’s guest mode that was introduced in Android 5.0 lollipop, still the private mode in S6 manages to be best feature. As the name suggests, private mode is a feature that allows you to secure secret and sensitive details in your smartphone while you are giving it to others. The device lets you choose what content should be shared and what shouldn’t be, and you can lock it down using fingerprint. To enable this feature, head to privacy in main settings and enable private mode.
Fast UFS 2.0 Storage: Though there is no Micro SD card slot in Galaxy S6 smartphone, Samsung has made the device available in three different variants (32, 64,128GB) and it didn’t stop there the company has included UFS 2.0 storage technology, which is supposed to be fast and responsive, the technology works along with 3GB DDR4 Ram and makes the device faster while using it. Including this feature was very thoughtful of Samsung.
Quick Charging: Galaxy S6 has a non-removable battery and to maintain very thin design, Samsung had to include a battery of less capacity, resulting in less battery backup. But there is a solution for this problem in the form of quick charging and wireless charging support. The device supports all the wireless charging pads available and also charges very quickly Company claims that; 10 minutes of charge can give four hours of battery backup, which roughly appropriate.
Fast Camera: S6 features 16mega-pixel rear autofocus camera with LED flash and 5mega-pixel front-facing the shooter. The camera can shoot great pictures with a lot of details. There is an extra functionality Samsung has added to the S6 camera, double tap on menu button starts the camera, even if the device is locked. Samsung says that all this happen just in 0.7. This feature comes in handy, instead of unlocking the device and then searching for the camera app.

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