Google I/O 2015 Announcements and Releases

Google has wrapped up the first-day session of Google I/O 2015 though I was eagerly waiting for an update about this year’s Nexus smartphones and more about the next Android Update-M, but lets make peace with what we have. Here are important announcements of Google I/O 2015.
Google Photos: As we all expected Google has unveiled the standalone photos application that was leaked a couple of days back. So the Google photos replace the older version of the photos app and it will store 16-megapixel pictures and full HD 1080 videos at the same time that app can also store the compressed picture that can be used to print them easily. The photos app will organize the pictures by people, places, album. Users don’t need to tag or label them, the best part of the photos app is that it can store unlimited number of photos and videos that means you don’t need to pay anything to store your media files unlike some other paid storage services like DropBox for instance. Google Photos is available to download for Android and IOS platforms.

Now On Tap: Google is making it’s Google now functionality much smarter than before. Now On Tap functionality shows you the contextual information in just a click, at times it becomes difficult to access certain information while you are in the middle of a task this is where Now on Tap comes in. For example consider the image below where you were invited to lunch by your friend and if you tap hold the home key for couple of seconds the Google now brings up the card listing all the details and the link that are relevant to the place. The information contains the details like location(Maps), Contact Number, may be reserve a table, etc. For another example is when you are listening to a song and want to know the details regarding the singer and album. You have to say Ok Google simply and ask for the singer name even without mentioning the band/album name. Google will identify the details on its own and answers your question-saving lot of our time. Cool isn’t it?

Project Brillo: Google has made the project Brillo (internet of things) official. Brillo is derived from Android since it is polished version the name Brillo.  It supports devices suck as door locks and more with minimal footprints. Brillo supports WiFi, Bluetooth LE. The project has got its language known as WEAVE through which the Internet of thing talks to each other so that android, cloud, Brillo based devices will be on the same platform. project Brillo will be up as developers preview in Q3 this year and Weave in Q4. 

Designed For Families: Google has announced a new feature where developers have to certify their apps as Family-Friendly by submitting the apps for additional review. Right now the applications are mixed-up with all the other apps in play store that may be unsafe for kids. The new inclusion of family-friendly will add an extra category in which the apps will be safer for the kids. The apps will go for extra set of stringent tests to make sure the demands are met and that they are indeed safe for children to use

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