Must Have Apps For HTC One M9

HTC has unveiled The One M9 smartphone, which is the successor of last year’s One M8. The smartphone is available in most parts of the world today, and if you are one who has brought the device and searching for perfect apps that make the device even better, Then you are covered. Here are some of the apps everyone M9 user must have.

Games: As said earlier, HTC One M9 is one of the most powerful smartphones in the world today. The gaming experience on the device is great and something that every game lover would want. We have listed some of the best Android games that you must try on your One M9.

  • Asphalt-8 Air Borne: Created by most popular game developers “Gameloft”, Asphalt 8 still one of the best racing android game to date. Every update to app brings lots of additional levels, features, cars and Graphics, to put simply; the game gets better and better with every update. Barrel rolls, flat spins, flame, sun reflection combined becomes a true tester for devices’ processor and graphic performance.
  • Real Racing 3: Yet Another Racing Game, but in the different style, Real Racing 3 is an award-winning the racing game for android. Though there aren’t heavy graphics when compared with Asphalt 8, The game comes loaded with many events like Cup races, Drag Racing, Speed Challenge, etc. The reflection and light effects in the game can challenge the display quality of device at times, but the major concern in that there are the lot of in-app purchases in the game, where until and unless you accept or decline gameplay cannot be continued. If you are fine with that Real Racing 3 is one solid racing android game.
  • Badland: Badland is an Android game in which all you have to do is just survive, and the game can get pretty wild as the levels passed. It was first launched for IOS/IPAD devices, but it doesn’t look like the one that is simply ported for Android; The company took care of every minute detail before releasing. The game ran pretty smooth and included some unexpected moments where large rocks come flying towards us to stop us. There are no rules and instructions about the game listed anywhere you have to play the game to learn about it.  The game totally has 80 level out of which 40 can be played for free(which includes in-app ads).

Social Apps: Social apps are a must for every Android phone, they simply make our work easy and helps us in keeping touch with our friends and relatives. Not just that social network helps us in establishing our presence in this internet world. Here are some of the must have social apps

  • Facebook: As expected, Facebook stands in the first place. Launched on Feb. 4th, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. There is the reason why Facebook stands number one in social networking sites, it has a substantial number of registered users. The network lets you connect with people who stay mile away from you and its free to use
  • Whatsapp: Facebook has bought Whatsapp for 19million dollars, the reason being; it’s simple, neatly designed, and it is exactly how every messaging app should be. The app lets you connects with people. With the inclusion of Whatsapp calling the app became more productive and has gained immense popularity in no time.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another popular social networking site, which is slowing finding its way to enter the top place. You can enable notification from a single account, where you don’t need to miss any single update.
  • Vine: Vine is yet another social networking media, which allows users to loop in 6 seconds videos, can edit videos on the spot and share among your friends. With the latest update; the app allows you to import local videos and later share them on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow, interact, find people using vine.

Other Apps:

  • MX Video Player: Undoubtedly the best video player app, simple layout, compatible with almost every format. The app is very simple to use, and developers push updates on regular intervals fixing bugs if any. The app is available for free and also a pro version that is ad-free.
  • Clean Master: Clean Master is the best to cache and rams cleaner app available for android. The updated version brings lots of features, like the new animation to the widget; the widgets gets a new design and many more. The app performs brilliantly and does what it says. At times TouchWiz U.I might be leggy, at that time clean master will be in rescue by cleaning background running apps and app suggests performance-based recommendations that will be of great help.
  • Swiftkey: Swiftkey is a keyboard application that replaces the default one. Best keyboard alternate till date, swipe your fingers across the keyboard to type and this swipe functionality works brilliantly, the app has 800 emoji’s loaded by default that will make things interesting while using. A Huge number of themes are available which makes the app attractive and beautiful, although all the themes aren’t free, there are few premium themes and in-app purchases are enabled.
  • Camera360: Probably one of a best camera app that topped the list of top photography apps in no time. There are approximately 200 filters available in the app that is the delight to photography enthusiasts, editing the photos is simple and also, NFC sharing is enabled within the app sharing settings.
  • Expensify: Track all your expenses, The app has a simple layout that can show briefly about all your spending, or it can even list out every single detail, so it all depends on how we use the app. One of the finest productivity apps out there.

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