Oppo Introduced The ColorOS 2.1.0i Beta Based on Android 5.0.2 For Find 7, Find 7a

Recently we have reported that Oppo will be rolling out the lollipop Update to their smartphones. Now the company has released a beta version of ColorOS 2.1.0i U.I, which is based on Android 5.0.2 for Find 7 and 7a smartphones. The update will be rolled out by the end of this week, they have also posted official preview on their personal forum for the developers to have a preview of the U.I along with small video demonstration. The video mainly focuses on three significant changes that were brought within the new operating system, i.e., new minimal design language, new flatter UI design.

Oppo PostedAnother good news is through the hard work of our engineers, you won’t need to format your phone completely like the Chinese update, you’ll still be able to use full wipe package to update. However, it’s a pity that this version will not be available over OTA.

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