Viber App Now Available For ChromeBooks

Popular messaging & calling application “viber” has launched their app for Google’s Chrome Books. Google has been trying very hard to push developers support for its ChromeOS, though it has manufacturers support it mainly lacks the app support, now with association with viber Google has gained additional strength. Recently Xolo & Nexian Air have launched Chrome books in India. Viber app is quite popular among the tech circles for its better quality free over the internet call service and unlimited free messaging services. Viber app for Chrome has all the features that are present in the regular Android/windows/IOS platforms, it allows users to send free pictures, stickers, videos, etc. The key highlighting factor is enabling users to make HD video calls around the world. There are total 516 million register users for viber.  For those who aren’t aware of ChromeOS, it is an operating system made by Google that is entirely based on Chrome browser. Where there is the inbuilt app store for application support, since it is completely based on the internet it lacks typical operating system features.
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