YuFit Band vs Xiaomi MiBand: Which One is a Perfect Buy

Yu Tele-Ventures has introduced the YuFit for a price tag of Rs. 999, for the same price Xiaomi, has also launched the Mi Band in India recently. Yu tell-ventures have surely launched the YuFit band to take on MiBand. But with multiple brands entering India with their tracking Bands, it becomes a tough choice for users to decide one among the competition. Currently, Mi Band and yuFit are the only bands that are in a discussion so we are here with yet another which will help you guys decide the best one among these two. Do note Yu has partnered with Healthify Me for YuFit, while Xiaomi has introduced the MiBand on its Own.

Design: Thought there is nothing much to describe primarily about the design of any health band, The YuFit band needs a special mention for its small OLED display that shows the details like the Time, Number of steps, etc. While the MiBand just has an LED notification light. Design wise both these bands looks very identical that come with a rubber band that can be adjusted according to the size of wrist. Not to forget Both of them have Waterproof protection, Although the rating of YuFit is not enclosed while the MiBand come with IP 67 rating.

Features/Functionalities: It’s just the company that differ not the functionalities for fitness band; Same goes for these two bands as well. The primary purpose of the fitness band is to track the steps walked, sleep time, calories burnt, etc. But the Yu deploys some extra features to make it a standout,  As mentioned the YuFit can display incoming calls and Messages on its OLED display. The YuFit band comes with an impressive feature that calculates some calories you eat in a single day, all you have to do just click an image of the food you are about to take and upload it to the app to find out some calories the food contains. These kinds of features go missing in the MiBand.

App Compatibility: Both these bands has their Android apps that are well and well compatible with the app via Bluetooth and control via your smartphone. There are many IOS apps that are developed to work along with Fitness bands like these. The Healthify Me app does a better job when compared with MiApp, well the reason are mentioned in “features” area.
Personal Trainer: This feature is just available for YuFit band. You can have a personal coach who will is training you in selected fields like a yoga instructor, a fitness trainer, Nutrition, etc. though this isn’t a free feature YUmentioned that the first 1000 buyers of the YuBand will get a free personal trainer. All you need to do beat the rush when it goes on sale and if you are lucky enough you can get yourself a free personal trainer.
Battery: MiBand is here for a while now, and there are many reviews that are surfacing all over the internet, and it is nothing surprise if I say MiBand will last for 30 days. Yes, MiBand lasts for 30 whole days on a single charge. While the Yu haven’t enclosed the battery capabilities of the YuFit band. But given the fact that it features an OLED display we pretty much can expect the battery capacity to be higher than MiBand.Verdict: On Comparing The features and functionalities of both these Fitness bands we feel the YuFit has an edge over the MiBand, But we can be wrong as the device isn’t out yet. But as for now YuFit beats the Mi Band well at least on paper for now. Stay tuned for us for more comparisons like this.

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