A Calculator Running on Android Operating System; Yes You Read it Correct

You have seen an Android smartphone run a calculator application, but i bet you haven’t seen a calculator run Android? Yes, you heard it correct, a developer has ported Android 1.6 Donut for a calculator. Android is most popular mobile operating system by Google as it is quite evident given the fact that most smartphones nowadays run on Android, but very few among them know that Android is built on a Linux kernel. Kernel is the thing that works like mediator between Hardware and software and it is open source meaning anyone who has knowledge are free to modify the Kernal source. 

The developer took advantage of the same and built a Kernal source that can run Android operating system. The device that is being used Texas Instruments nSpire CX – a smart calculator reminiscent of a feature phone.  The developer has posted the source code via GitHub and if you own nSpire CX you can run android on your own calculator. Do let now what to do you think down below. Do check out the video below.

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