Install iOS 9 Beta 1 on Your Apple Device

Apple has just announced iOS 9 though there aren’t any significant changes brought over the upgraded version except for Siri voice integration and better understanding. Apart from this Apple has also said that the next version will bring better battery life, enhanced security features to better usability. A New Caller ID that display the caller ID of any unknown caller. Suppose you get a call from any anonymous user the caller ID searches your inbox/mail to check whether the number is related to you or not. Notes App is being refined a lot with support to add web pages directly to notes and brings better annotations as well.  Transit directions are finally in the Apple Maps this should come in handy when trying to search for Station directions or any similar search. The maps now display the distance between two points. Apple has taken a hint from Flipboard and made their app called The News. The app embeds videos and photo gallery that already present in the website while showing them. This will surely be a useful feature if you are looking for one-stop information.  Apple’s way of introducing the Multitasking feature that is already present in Android is called the Slipt screen do note this feature is limited to iPad devices. What it does is, it allows users to run two apps at the same time on same screen, nothing impressive but it’s good Apple has included a well-established feature.


Availability is what that matters right? The iOS9 will be made available or rolled out to the public from this Fall and any Apple device running on iOS8 will get the update. Surprised? But if you are the one who known what he is doing then you are in luck, Apple released the Beta Version of iOS9 today. Meaning if you are interesting and can survive few bugs you can go ahead with installing the Beta version of iOS 9 and the detailed instructions below will help/guide you.

How to Install iOS9 Beta 1:

Nothing new to say but do take a Backup fo the data required as the device will be formatted. Next up charge your device to at least 70-80% as the process will take quite some time.
Head over to iMZDL as this is our one stop source for all iOS files and download the files according to your device.
On a very surprising note, you don’t need to register your device UDID this time around. The means you can directly flash the OS just by taking backup fo your data. Do note this process is skipped only for iOS9 but may require for older versions. 
Once you have downloaded the OS files Extract them to any comfortable location on your PC. Then connect your Apple device to any iTunes installed PC.
Once your device is detected by iTunes click on Check For Updates. You must search for the Update file on your PC, not Online. Before proceeding to click on Check for Updates Press Hold Option button(Mac) or Shift key(windows). Doing so will force the iTunes to search for update locally.
Select the IPSW file that you just downloaded and click proceed. The update process should begin now, and it won’t take longer before you see your device running iOS9. 
Note: Don’t panic if your device restarts in the meantime, that’s the way it goes. 

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