LG G4 Pro To Feature Metal Body

Back in May there were few reports that pointed to yet another high-end smartphone from LG that might be called as G4 Pro, and the device could be made out of Metal, unlike any other LG smartphone. When we say unlike the G4 Pro will be the first LG device to feature Metal construction. The news from ET reports that LG is in plans to design the G4 pro with Metal so that it can be easy differentiate it from normal G4 smartphone. That is made of plastic but has a good build quality though. People who work for LG has an idea to test the Metal G4 Pro as a prototype first and if everything goes well according, the device can be later released to the market that isn’t a bad idea at all as LG has never tested its luck with metal.

However the problem comes with the production cost, rivals like Apple, Samsung are selling their smartphones that are made of Metal. LG is worried about the production cost that might decrease the profitability levels compared to Samsung and Apple, which are selling more number of units compared to LG. Valid point. Besides the build quality we expect the G4 pro to feature bigger display compared to normal G4, we have seen this scenario earlier with G2 and G2 pro where the G2 Pro featured a 5.9-inches display and might also have a stylus Pen so that it can compete with Samsung Note 5 which is due for this September. For now there is no official information from LG regarding the G4 Pro (may be something else) but we will let you know once its official. 


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