LG Made New Nexus Smartphone Might Feature 3D Camera

LG is said to be working on new Nexus series smartphone; this news was here for some time now. Google has a tradition of launching a new Nexus series smartphone and a tablet every year, last year we had the Nexus 6 made by Motorola, which got mixed reviews from users. This time Google is making every possibility happen with the new Nexus smartphone. The news from Korean media iNews24 says that the smartphone might feature 3D camera along with two camera modules and an infrared sensor. However, the report doesn’t mention how they both will function. The report says that the device will feature a premium build along with 3D graphics and comes with Android M out of the box.

There is also another rumor that surfaced last month that said that Huawei will be making the next Nexus series smartphone that will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Google has been using the Snapdragon chipsets since Nexus 4. It is touted to sport a 5.7-inches 2K display. Either way the device will feature Snapdragon 810 and a 2K display, but the difference lies within the internals. Though nothing is being confirmed either by Google nor by the companies so it would be best if we take this news with the pinch of salt and wait till October for the official launch. 

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