LG Might Skip 5.1.1 update For G4; May Roll Out Android M Instead?

Lat week insider sources at LG said that the company has no plan to update the 2014 flagship device aka G3 to Android 5.1.1. Today we get to hear that LG has no plan even for G4 the current flagship smartphone for 2015. LG Hellas took their official Facebook page to inform the news when a user asked for the same. This shouldn’t be the worst news for G4 users across as the device runs on Android 5.1.0 out of the box but may hit hard for G3 users who were expecting the update. But there is possibility that LG might roll out Android M update instead of 5.1.1 although there is no official confirmation but skipping the major update might be an indication.

When LG has officially confirmed G3 has no update schedule, many users must have probably thought the same as we are expecting, but unfortunately LG is silent in this regard. Android M is the latest Android version that is being showcased during Google I/O 2015 along with many other keynote announcements. M will probably roll out by the end of this year along with this year’s Nexus smartphone which is made by LG and it is rumored to feature a 3D camera and a dual camera setup. In the meantime do check out our Articles about Android M and its features. Stay tuned

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