Nokia’s New Smartphone will Launch in 2016 Says Company CEO Rajeev Suri

Since Microsoft has acquired Nokia smartphone division, the Finnish company ruled out all the rumors regarding their return to smartphone manufacturing. Today the companies CEO Rajeev Suri has openly announced that Nokia will return to smartphone division in 2016. However, Nokia is planning to follow the same strategy as they did for Nokia N1 tablet where a third party manufacturer design and produces the tablets, and Nokia will use its named. This news will be a rejoice to Nokia fans who are waiting for a long time.

The Finnish company is currently in search for a suitable partner, and that shouldn’t be a problem considering Nokia’s brand name and image among tech circles. Foxconn, who is currently holding the license for N1 tablet, might be interested but hasn’t confirmed. Nokia cannot license their product until the second half of next year based on terms with Microsoft. There were many rumors that Nokia will return to smartphone manufacturing with Android as their operating system and with N1 being an android tablet adds additional strength to the report. No wonder if Nokia takes Android route for their smartphones. Do note expect for the companies CEO announcement regarding their return to smartphone manufacturing nothing has been confirmed just as yet?

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