OnePlus Two Launch Contests; Android 5.1 Update News

You all might guess by the naming factor the next smartphone from OnePlus will be definitely called as OnePlus Two but nothing has been official until today where the company has finally made the name OnePlus Two official. Though we have seen many details regarding the smartphone it is today we confirm the name of the device. OnePlus took its official forum to post two contests in regards to the launch of the smartphone Q3 this year. The contest are part of pre-launch promotions for the device of which the first one is named as “Photo Mania” which is now an annual thing says the company, to participate in contest you need to capture best possible pictures without editing, applying filters and share it among the OnePlus forums or on your Instagram tagging-in @oneplustech along with manual settings that you have made to capture the shot. Although company haven’t mentioned that people must use their OnePlus device to capture the device but we are guessing that you must. 
The another contest is named as Your OnePlus Story” To participate you must create a video explaining about you and your OnePlus smartphone, here the team posting about the contest
To enter, create an original video featuring YOU. Tell us your OnePlus story. What do you want to say to OnePlus? What do you love about the OnePlus One? What are you looking forward to experiencing in the OnePlus 2? Be as creative as you want – we are looking for our most passionate fans.

The Dead lines for these contest is June 2015.  the winner gets to experience the device first hand at the companies Head quarters in Hong Kong with all expenses covered by the company. The company has yet again proved that they are capable of promoting their products in an attractive way.

On Another news, OnePlus has officially posted that the Android 5.1 Update will be rolled or will debut along side with OnePlus Two. The company has dedicated it self to work on next flagship killer smartphone and is also very keen in providing the 5.1 Update to its users. Oxygen OS was launched back in April and the currently available version is based on Android 5.0.2. Company says that it will speed up the update program once it has launched the OnePlus Two while the Cm 12.1 based on Android 5.1 is going to be available very soon and an update patch of the Touch Screen issues both for CM and Oxygen based will be available very soon says the company. 


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