OnePlus Two Smartphone Test Unit Appears in Contest Teaser

Finally, OnePlus Two has made its first appearance. As we all are aware that OnePlus has started a promotion(contest?) to promote OnePlus Two smartphone that might be launched by the end of this month. As a part of a promotion the company today has posted a photo on their facebook official page and gave a hint stating OnePlus Two engineer test unit is being pictured. Though we don’t  get to see the device thanks to landscape mode placement but we can see the display. The display looks bigger covering most of the screen and also features slim bezels, may or may not feature on-screen buttons. Do note the company has mentioned this as engineer unit so it may vary design wise while it goes official. 

Thanks to a team of PhoneRadar we hear news about the launch date that is being scheduled on June 28th. The irony is that the contest that are presently going on will be ending in the third week of June( the company has just mentioned June). Companies Co-founder Carl Pei says that the OnePlus Two will also be made available via Invitation system but the number of invitations this time would be more than that of last time that sent out extremely limited number. 

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