Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case Render Reveled the Design of the Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been in the new for quite some time now, many rumors, renders, speculations are surfacing online since the company has started focusing on the smartphone. Back in April there was a leak regarding the Note 5 and Samsung’s Project Zen that came with rumored specifications of the device that could feature 2K display. And powered by Exynos 7422 Chipset that will combine Ram and Storage, which the company calls First All-in-One(ePoP) Technology. Since the company has started Note 5 production we are to hear details regarding the specifications of the device, but there has been no news regarding the design of the smartphone till date. Today we can see new renders of the case that is supposed to be meant for Note 5 shows us the brief design of the Samsung’s upcoming high-end smartphone. since the renders are of the low quality, we aren’t able to provide many details but cut for the Stylus is clearly seen that is accompanied with ports and speaker grills that are seen on S6 and S6 edge.
Looks like Samsung has decided to stick with regular USB port rather than choosing Type-C USB port that is now a current trend and also makes sense as Note 5 should be a flagship smartphone in the Note series.  But there is a chance Samsung might change their mind while finalizing the smartphone. The camera module hump that we have seen on the S6/S6 edge is present on Note 5 as well while the IR blaster shifted its position from top center to top left. The device is scheduled to launch during IFA show held during September 2015. This is all we have as of now but rest assured we will able to see many more such leaks in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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