Sportskeeda Android App Review: One Stop for All Sports News

There are many Android app available in play store for sports lovers, but those apps are game specific, I mean take cricbuzz as an example, it is one of the leading website and also has an Android app, but what if the same cricket game fan wants to check how many goals did Messi score in a football match? Cricbuzz is of no use for the requirement. We are not pointing out cricbuzz in specific, but there are many other similar apps that can’t full fill our whole need then what is the solution? Guys at sportskeeda also thought the same and designed their own app naming it sportskeeda. The detailed explanation below educates you about why we choose Sportskeeda Android app for all our sports requirements.

Starting off with what is it exactly. Sportskeeda doesn’t need any introduction as they are here for the long time now, and their way of providing the service was proved efficient. Their website design is neat and elegant without much of annoying advertisements.Technology now a day is racing ahead of time with lots of innovations and creative ideas, and the possibility to perform any function using your smartphone has proved making wonders. There is a saying that says grown according to the time, so guys at sportskeeda a did grow accordingly. They had worked very hard from the day they decided to bring their Android app and make it easy for the visitors to check timely sports updates.

So they have launched their own Android App, why should you choose Sportskeeda over the competition? You might also have the same question if I am not wrong. Sportskeeda app displays updates regarding every game that is being played all over the world the current day. There are almost 41 categories with in the app to check update about your favourite sport. Now to maintain such a massive data the app interface must be designed in such a way that every person should know which section of the category he is accessing without any confusion.  The interface of the sportskeeda app is minimal without much bloatware ads just like their official website. Sportskeeda team claim that it was the result of several dozens of iterations and patterns.

On installing the app you are welcomed with the long list of 41 categories, and you need to choose any one of them based on your liking, and the app displays all the updates available at present. The design of the app matches the Google’s latest material design elements with beautiful colours and easy navigations.

 Time to talk about the Features of the App:

  • A wide range of categories to choose from. Suppose you are into F1 or Squash? Just choose it on the welcome screen and the app becomes more personal and relevant by showing only the updates regarding F1 no other distraction.
  • If suppose you are on a vacation or can’t access your television to watch the live game, Sportskeeda offers live text stream of any prominent game that is going on. Now you might worry about the Data consumption, the company says that the data consumption is virtually negligible. It aims to put all the best content from the web and social platforms at the epicentre of user experience.


  • The app seems pretty lightweight. With just over 4MB of download size, and blazing fast navigation, it clearly looks very well optimized for a device with just decent specs. In the specs which ran independently, app’s homepage consumes a staggering ~95% fewer data than any conventional WAP page and reading an article consumes ~98% fewer data. This has mainly got to do with the architecture of the app, and the general advantages which come with lightweight objects in data transfer. Data consumption rates are best depicted below.


  • In coming weeks, the app plans to integrate leaderboards, point’s tables and live scores more prominently. As per the Sportskeeda team, they wish to redefine what a sports app should be, and what it should do for a sports lover. They want to build something that they would want to use for following sports themselves.
  • The sharing feature is a revolutionary thought that changes the whole impression about the app. Suppose you have a friend you isn’t able to catch up in the game there is a feature that comes built-in the app that lets you share all the updates on the go. To be frank, we haven’t seen this feature in recent time on any sports app (we might be wrong).

Wrapping up:  Despite being in the Beta stage, the app is receiving excellent response from the sports lover all over the country and is the only app to get a 4.9 rating while it’s still in beta stage. I have only one thing to say if you are a sports lover, just install the app you will love it for sure just like me. Here are some play store responses and rating.



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