Asus ZenPower PowerBank Review: A Bit Pricey But Efficient

Asus has launched the ZenPower Powerbank sometime in May and is exclusively available via Indian E-Commerce website Flipkart. The portable power bank from Asus comes in  Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue and Black, now the While the Gold, Silver, Pink and Blue variants are priced at Rs.1499, the Black variant costs additional Rs.100 and is priced at Rs.1599. The logic behind pricing them according to the color is unknown. The Asus powerbank competed with big names like Xiaomi and OnePlus now when the competition is brisk the performance of the device must impress the audience for the company to sustain. How well the powerbank performs? let’s find out in our review.
Build & Design: The build quality is decent and just like any other powerbank, The glossy, metallic surface feels premium and looks good, but the problem is it feels a bit heavy weighing nearly 215 grams. The design looks inspired from Xiaomi’s Mi Powerbanks. Though we are not complaining about it but it’s something you should know, and it might disappoint some of you out there as the company failed to provide a unique look.
On Top, there is power on/off button that is accompanied by LED notification lights to indicate the amount of juice left. A USB port and a microUSB port to charge the smartphones and the powerbank. While the bottom has nothing  but the powerbank capacity written in bold letter and Asus branding logo.

Technical Specifications: The powerbank provides up to 2.4A output and 2A input. There are total four LED notification lights representing each portion of the whole capacity.
  • 1 LED notification Light: 0-25%
  • 2 LED notification lights: 25-50%
  • 3 LED notification lights: 50-75%
  • 4 LED notification lights: 75-100%
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Performance: The powerbank will take around 6-7 hours to charge completely as the company claims it has fast charging capabilities. I tested out the powerbank by charging Yu yuphoria from 3% to 100% it took around 1 hour 40 minutes or so, but then again YU yuphoria supports fast charging 1.0. Then again i tested it out with the smartphone that doesn’t support fast charging, i.e., A7000 it took around 3 hours 10 minutes to charge it completely. There is a complaint on A7000 as the device takes more time to charge completely (more on that in A7000 updated review soon). This time i took Huawei Honor 4C which am currently reviewing and it took 2 hours 35 minutes to charge from 2% to 100%. On the whole, the power bank works fine and has nothing to complain.
The charging capacity of the powerbank depends on the smartphone’s battery capacity, as said above we tested the powerbank with various smartphones that pack different battery capacities.  Asus claims that Zenpower can charge the Zenfone 5 up to 3 times in a single cycle and Zenfone 2 times sadly we do not any Asus smartphone to test and support the statement. But never the less the Power bank has charged the Yu Yuphoria around 2 and half times so by far its near to what the company says.
Features: The power bank comes with a sensor that automates the process of switching on and off the charging. Meaning, the power bank automatically turns off once the smartphone has finished charging. The Zenpower come with short circuit protection and over voltage output protection adding extra safety to the powerbank as well as the smartphone. The best part is the powerbank will adjust the voltage according to the smartphone that is connected.

Verdict: The 10,050mAh Zenpower is available exclusively via Flipkart for Rs. 1,499 on the other hand Xiaomi has launched the 16,000mAh power bank for 1,399. Asus must have thought twice before pricing the powerbank on the costlier side.
  • Features
  • Build Quality
  • Safety Measures
  • Over Priced
  • takes more time to charge completely
Our Rating: 8.0

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