Google Nexus 5(2015) Scores 85,000 on AnTuTu Benchmark Application; Is This For Real?

AnTuTu is a benchmark application that generally tests the power of the smartphone and results in a synthetic benchmark score. With Meizu Mx4 being a top scorer last year with score of 47,765, google nexus 6 edged out slightly with 47,079, now in 2015 Samsung has washed out all these scores and raced ahead to the top position with score of 68,157. Now, there is a new top scorer on AnTuTu benchmark application with an incredible score of 85,000, the New Nexus 2015 beating the galaxy s6. 

The Google Nexus 5 hasn’t been officially announced nor unveiled so at this point this might just be a rumor. Being a smartphone that tops the AnTuTu, we can assume that the device carries Qualcomm’s un-announced Snapdragon 820 Soc under the hood. As we all know that LG is one of the nexus smartphone maker this year along with Huawei, as this news goes back to February when the first rumor came out. 

Stay tuned to know whether the Nexus 5(2015) really exists, if the smartphone can really score 85,000 on AnTuTu and will the Nexus 5(2015) be on the top of AnTuTu the whole year. 

source: wccftech

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