LG G4 Review: Excellent Flagship Smartphone But Not Perfect

LG has launched the G4 smartphone, A latest flagship smartphone from the company. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808Soc clocked in at 1.8GHz Hexa-Core processor. There is 3GB of Ram and 32GB internal storage and an SD card slot to expand the memory furthermore. The device sports 5.5-inches with QHD display(2560×1440 pixels) with a pixel density of 538PPI, The display has Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Specifications wise the device sounds perfect, and it should compete with this year’s most successful flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 duo. So how well the LG G4 fares at the performance end? That is the real question here, let’s find out in our full in-depth review.

LG G4 Display: LG has never comprised on Display quality on any of their flagship smartphones, last year’s G3 had an excellent display but has some saturation and sharpening problem. LG made no such mistake this year, G4’s display is amazing, sporting a 5.5-inches that is on par with G3 and has a pixel density of 538PPI. The “Quantum” display over the IPS grade screen makes the other flagships like S6 and iPhone 6 look a bit dull, we are not complaining here but something worth mentioning. The display is fantastically sharp and has perfect color reproduction and accuracy. I can’t stop raving about how beautiful the display looks. LG claims that G4 has 20% richer and brighter sunlight legibility that turns out to be true on some levels as the display is visible in broad daylight thanks to the non-reflective nature of the display. The display consumes less amount of battery despite that fact of being a Quantum display, thanks to negative IPS technology employed. Overall a great display that a smartphone can ever have, but then again the AMOLED display on Samsung’s S series is no less.

LG G4 Build and Design: G4 has LG’s style of build quality and style equation. Deciding to go with Pure Leatherback is one of the best decisions LG has taken. The build quality is excellent, however at the first glance you might not notice any significant changes over the G3, it’s a just routinely build huge Android smartphone that is curved at the back giving a good grip while using the smartphone. Flip the phone to the other side you will witness some design changes, but then again don’t imagine massive design changes from plastic to metal and vice-versa. The leather panel on the back gives it an elegant and premium look. The double stitching that runs in the middle of the back is left to the matter of taste being a review we liked it as it doesn’t damage the look. The volume rockers and power on/off buttons are placed below the camera module just like we have seen in last year’s G3-this placement make sense, and we liked their arrangement. Yes- the back panel can be removed so is the battery unit revealing the SIM card and SD card slots. Unlike Samsung, LG has decided to include the SD card slot and a removable battery unit for which we will appreciate LG.

The smartphone is just 9.8MM thick which is very comfortable to hold in one hand so one-handed usage won’t be a problem unless you are the one with small hands. On top, there is a secondary mic for noise cancellation and IR blaster. While, on the bottom, there is 3.5MM audio jack and micro USB port. While there is nothing on the either of the sides. The leatherback does feel good even though it is hard to get rid of stain marks, we would still recommend the Leatherback though the company has made plastic and ceramic back panels. On whole. LG has pulled the right cords in the build and design section.

LG G4 Performance and U.I: The LG G4 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 clocked at 1.8GHz with Adreno 418 GPU coupled with 3GB of Ram, all this come down to a smooth performance, snappy U.I. As we said earlier the display is just awesome to watch videos and play games, we played Fifa 15, Asphalt 8, San Andreas games, all those games ran with ease no lag and stutters. Same goes with the Multitasking as well; we had multiple apps in the background while playing games and we didn’t notice any lag even when switching between the apps. But we would have appreciated if the speaker volume could have been a bit louder, don’t get me wrong but while playing games and listening to music the sound is a bit flat to my liking. The device runs on Android 5.1 with LG’s custom overlay called U.X 4.0 however, I am not a big fan of custom skins, I must say I really loved the G4’s U.I which gives near stock experience with come interesting tweaks that makes even better. Dual Window feature is nothing new but it allows apps to run simultaneously on the same screen. To sum it up the performance of G4 has never disappointed us, cool U.I, snappy performance, awesome multitasking and the list goes on.

LG G4 Camera and Multimedia: There is 16-megapixel autofocus primary camera with LED flash and Laser autofocus and an 8-megapixel selfie shooter.  G4’s camera is a rock star; I can’t stop talking about the camera performance anytime soon that fantastic the camera performance is. Probably the best smartphone camera in the recent times, although Samsung’s S6 gives a tough competition, we still vote to G4. LG has done a fantastic job with the G4 camera; the colors look perfect and correct and sharp at the same time. We really don’t care if it’s the f 1/8 aperture or the laser autofocus as long as the camera performance is excellent. The camera app has three different menus, one is simple where you just touch the screen, and it captures the image, second being the auto mode in which the camera sensor adjusts the settings according to the environment. While the third is for the pro’s in this menu we can change the ISO, WB, Shutter speeds, and many others now if you are the one who knows what you are doing then you will definitely love the Manual settings feature. The front camera is an 8-megapixel shooter, I must confess it is one of the best front cameras I’ve used in the recent times, be it night or be it daylight the front camera manages to pull the thread with ease. Another thing that I liked about the G4’s camera is that I barely got to switch on the flash as the camera can capture amazing images even in the night times where there is minimal lighting.  Do check out the video below for camera samples.

Like I said earlier it would have been good if the speaker volume is a bit louder, as the sound from speakers is low while playing audio/video files out loud, but it is decent when I popped in the headphones. G4 can play and record 1080p videos although I never tried 4K videos, but my guess is it won’t have any problem playing 4K videos as well. There is 32GB of internal storage out of which around 25GB is available fo users also there is a slot for MicroSD card which means storage shouldn’t be an issue at all. If there is one thing that I liked more about the G4 that should be the camera.
LG G4 Review

LG G4 Battery: If there is any disappointing feature of G4 it is the 3000mAh battery.  The battery tries hard to survive the QHD display and heavy tasks that users put on such a powerful smartphone but at the end, it fails. I had to charge the battery twice a day to pull it off the entire day, the maximum screen on time I could get is around 3.5 to 4 hours. Quantum HD display to blame? No use is blaming, we would have appreciated if the battery life could have been a bit decent. Same goes with other flagships launched this year.

LG G4 Review

Others: The device supports 4G LTE bandwidths and has Dual-SIM slots, Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi are built-in, there is NFC and IR blaster. OTG does work as it detected OTG pen drives. There is LED notification light. The device does support Qualcomm Fast charging 2.0, but you are going to have to purchase the fast charger separately as the G4 come with a normal charger.

LG G4 Review

Conclusion: So What do I think about G4? Well, it is best in the class performer, a fantastic camera, beautiful display, all is very good, but the price of Rs.50,000($750) justify the smartphone in the time where Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola, Asus are performing really well with top class specs at an affordable price? Well, that is the real question here.So all this comes down to personal preference, if you are looking a top class performer with no budget constraints then we would definitely suggest you G4( do note G4 sits in the top in the price segment compared with an S6/S6 edge, One M9, and Z3+).

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