OnePlus Compared The Two Smartphone Camera with iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6

OnePlus is quite confident about its next years flagship killer smartphone, yes we are talking about the Two smartphone. The device has already been given to popular YouTuber MKBHD to test its performance and camera and he has already posted the full camera review of the smartphone. Today the company’s CEO Lau posted images taken on Oneplus Two smartphone on china OnePlus forums comparing the snaps from iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6. Just like you would except the images captured from Two smartphone did a little better in low-light than its rivals. 

But we think its a bit too early to judge the performance of the camera, there is probably a 16MP sensor or the 13MP sensor accompanied with laser autofocus and a 5MP front camera. With the event going to take place the coming week the company has revealed most of the specifications, it is powered  by improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 810Soc which is known for overheating but then again company says to have it control. Has 4GB of Ram while the internal storage may vary according to the markets. But we are more excited to see the price tag of the smartphone for which the company says it will be priced lesser than $450. Stay Tuned for more updates.

But for now do check these images comparing with current flagships.

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