TEEWE 2 Review: Sweet Media Streaming Device

Teewe one was one the best alternative or in fact even better than the Chromecast by Google. Now the company has upgraded their one first version of the Tewee and launched the Tewee 2 media streaming dongle, now we know that we are a bit late in reviewing the device but we felt the need to write about the sweetest streaming device I’ve personally used.

Specifications: The Teewe 2 HDMI media streaming dongle features a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor clocked at 1.6GHz; a quad-core GPU; 1GB of RAM, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support.

Design: Starting off with the design, the dongle is portable, small, and you would notice slight design changes if you have used the Teewe 1. The first iteration Tewee was a bit bulky, but this time, around they made no such mistake the device is comfortable and in fact, this model is smaller than the Google Chromecast.  The two maintains sleek design with improved plastic quality, beautifully etched logo on one side and a microUSB port attached so if your TV has a USB port you can plug it directly but if your TV doesn’t have that the company has also provided the HDMI adapter cable to plug it in. The Overall the design looks premium, and Mango man has done a good job with the build and design.

Setup:  setting up the Two is simple. To stream the content directly onto your TV, you need to have a Tewee 2 obviously and then plug it into the TV’s USB port and download the official TV app onto your smartphone/tablet. Connect your TV and smartphone to same WiFi network and simply map your TV to your smartphone by after the simple on-screen instructions. The process is fairly simple with no hassle if you are using an Android smartphone the app automatically detects your TV and streams the content wirelessly.

TEEWE 2 Review
The setup is quite similar if you are looking to use your laptop instead of your Smartphone or tablet. You can manually add folders with the content to stream and play it directly from your laptop without being browsing through tons of videos. The IOS setup is quite different where in you need to create a new WiFi network and be connected to it.
TEEWE 2 Review
Content: Once you are done with the setup you can see YouTube homepage where you have tons of content to stream and browsing through the homepage you can also find the locally stored content making it easy to stream YouTube and SD card content.  There are tons of Movies, video libraries, and Mango man team is in talk to collaborate with Video providers.

The chrome extension for laptops is used to mirror the screen and play videos, open up sites, play games and many other things are possible with the Teewe 2 chrome extension. Sites that already support the Teewe extension include Scoopwhoop, Reddit, 9Gag, Khan Academy and Coursera and many to come says the company CEO. Do note that Teewe 2 doesn’t support smartphone mirroring as the company sees no point.

Performance: Performance of the Teewe 2 is fairly decent and it works great provided if you have good internet connection. During the time we tested, we didn’t notice any kind of lag or glitches as we were having 10MBPS internet connections but it might show lag if you have slow internet connection.  The app allowed us to play videos on 720p and to be frank, we are totally satisfied with the experience.

TEEWE 2 Review
Price and verdict: The Teewe 2 is now available on Amazon.in. The dongle is priced at Rs. 2,399 and comes with 20GB of data per month free for three months on Airtel broadband, and two months of free Eros Now. So that brings us to the conclusion as said above we never faced any issue with the Dongle and it allowed to play various videos in various formats and we have 0 complaints on Teewe 2. We would strongly recommend this if you are looking for a media streaming dongle.
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