Airtel Announces Free 3G to 4G SIM Upgrade Campaign

Airtel is the first among the mobile networks to provide 4G in India, the company has started rolling out 4G trails in various cities and town in the country. Airtel own a huge number of customer base compared to other networks in India as of today. But most of the users are so far still in 3G few other are still processing 2G networks. So Airtel has come out and announced free 3G to 4G upgrade for all existing Airtel customers. Airtel trails are now going on in Delhi, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Warangal and many other metro cities in the country. 

 So all this is well and good but how to grab the free upgrade officially, well we are here to cover you on the same,
Just head over to twitter and follow @AirtelIndia official page in twitter and make sure you follow the official page as there might be some fake accounts under the same name. 
once you are done following just tweet on twitter with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G tagging Airtel India twitter handle.
Now just wait for couple of minutes or max 5 minutes for a reply back from Airtel asking you to fill out a simple form which contains details like you Airtel phone number, name, and finally your address.
Once you are done filling the form you will see a message saying “we will let you know once we process your request” your part of the job is finally done so just sit back and wait for your sim. 
Depending upon your location and city an executive from Airtel India calls you requesting your exact address and location so just confirm the same and then he will be right at your door step the next day or couple of days later handing over a new 4G sim card.
To activate the sim, all you need to do is just open your messaging app from your 4G enabled smartphone and type 18 digit code which you will be able to see a the back of your new 4G sim and send an SMS to 121.
After 15-20 minutes your 3G will be deactivated and the new 4G will be activated with no cost charged from you. 
Do note your smartphone must be 4G enabled to use this offer from Airtel and also your location will have the 4G enabled bandwidths.
Hope you liked this simple 3G to 4G offer from Airtel. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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