Android Marshmallow 6.0 is Now Official; Key Features and Highlights

Update: Google has finally announced that M in the next android version stands for Marshmallow. The android 6.0 is expected to start to roll out soon after google unveils the next nexus smartphones later this year.

Earlier: Google I/O is placed where google unveils the year long developments within the company software and hardware departments. Last year Google unveiled Android L on the same stage, the L update brought many design changes and thousand’s of new API’s for the mobile operating system Android and native 64bit support, shift from Dalvik to ART( Android runtime). As the I/O 2015 starts google has unveiled the Android M developers preview on the first glance you might feel no difference but don’t let that fool you Google has included some interesting changes and new tiny little animation that look good. Google overlays the Material design elements on top of Android M what matters is that powers the layered design. Here are the things that Google has introduced with Android M(mango?)
Granular Permissions Support: Apps installed in our smartphone access out data to perform a certain number of actions while some apps ask for the user permission before accessing while some don’t. With Android, M Google has introduced granular(a fancy word for default). The apps will now request permission before accessing any data and feature that are included within the smartphone. For instance, if you want to send a WhatsApp voice message, once you tap the microphone button the app requests your permission to use the microphone. If you intend to change or revoke the app permissions later, that can be done via app permission setting that is available in the system settings menu. The only con of this feature is that it require ‘M’ SDK to support and might not work until they are updated.
New Web-Experience: Chrome is one of the primary product of Google and with Android M the company has made some changes that make it even better to use, the company calls it “Chrome Custom Tabs”. To simplify chrome custom tabs mean that when you are using an app and click on any link within the app, the link is opened as a new tab in Chrome which will look exactly similar to the app colour and design elements making the Chrome as an app browser.

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Android Pay: We have been hearing about the Android pay feature for quite some time now. Google has finally announced an update or feature of the Android pay. Android Pay makes use of the native fingerprint sensor and NFC to make the app payments easy. Once you save you credit/debit card details, android pay creates a virtual account number collecting the actual card number and keeping it a secret. Android Pay is working with leading financial institutions alongside with mobile carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. for mobile phones purchases.  Android Pay works in over 700 thousand stores across USA and developer are soon going to include Android App in App purchases.  Do note that your device must support NFC for Android pay to work.
Native Fingerprint Support: Companies like Samsung, Motorola used to include the fingerprint sensor for their flagship or at least high-end smartphones but with Android M Google ‘s included the fingerprint sensor by default. Android Pay makes use of the native fingerprint support as mentioned above for better security. Including the fingerprint as a native feature is a good move by Google allowing affordable/budget to get in touch with Fingerprint which was not available before.
Power-Charging: For every smartphone user battery comes as a primary requirement with new Doze power charging feature Google is trying to improve the battery backup time and standby time significantly. Doze is a feature which makes use of Motion detector to measure your smartphone or tablet and if it’s kept idle for some time it shifts the mode to Doze which kills all background apps from performing any type of action except for the alarm and incoming notifications. Google says that by using Doze mode they can achieve 2X standby time.

USB C-Type: Google has also introduced the USB C-type functionality for its smartphones and made it clear the all its OEM’s will soon come with the same feature. Using the C-type USB, you can use your smartphone to charge it or vice versa.

When Will This be Available?
Android M will be available as a developers preview for Nexus series smartphones and google nexus player from today.The official roll out will start from Q3(July-September) this year

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