OnePlus To Launch New Smartphone By The End of This Year: Carl Pei

OnePlus has launched the Two smartphone on 27th July and we couldn’t be more excited about the device but before we post our full in-depth review here is yet another awesome news for OnePlus fans. Today in an interview with USA today Carl Pei, co-founder of the OnePlus has revealed that the company will be launching yet another new smartphone by the ned of this year and the smartphone may or may not have higher specifications. Sadly he did not leave any details of the smartphone as of yet but he said to have seen prototype of the smartphone and says that it will be his daily driver in near future. So we are expecting the device must be in its final stages of production. 

When asked about the missing NFC feature he says That “Entire issue of NFC is overblown. Very few people are using NFC, so we cut it. It’s as simple as that. I know that Android Pay is coming but all that is in the future. It (NFC) is going to gain widespread adoption in stores 12-18 months from now. By that time people will have moved on to the next device”. Apart from smartphone onePlus is aiming to make their software, OxygenOS, compatible with everyone’s stuff. OnePlus also made fitness tracker but we scrapped it because that is exactly against our open culture. We want to work with other people. By making our own we are already competing with our potential partners before even approaching them and giving them a chance.


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