Xiaomi’s Miui 7 ROM Launched in India Here are The Features and Functionalities

As you guys already know, Mi U.I is the most personalized user interface with tons of customization features and many functionalities that are not possible on Stock Android. Now if you are the one who loves customizing your smartphone to whole another level, am sure MiUi 7 will mesmerize you to the core. Here are some of the brief features and functionalities of the ROM. Personalized U.I: Every smartphone comes with the typical home screen and an app drawer and other customizations in system settings. This layout is similar to all kinds of gender. But this time around Xiaomi has gone beyond this and introduced four new home screen options to choose from. A
personalized U.i for girls, boys, women, and a luxury version each offering custom designed icons, separate design elements based on what you like to see. By default, MiUi7 comes with five sets of U.I’s that can be changed during boot.
MUSE: Muse is a theme creation tool that allows MiUi7 ROM users to create new themes and uses it on your smartphone. This isn’t something new as we have already seen on HTC One M9 but at the same it’s a welcome addition.
Optimized CPU: MiUi7 ROM restricts background apps for better power management and waking up the app when it is needed rest of the time it is left unused. Also limiting the unnecessary use of WiFi, Data and location saving the battery life by 8-25% in real time.
Fonts: New fonts management where small, large, extra large, jumbo will be available by default and can be chosen depending on the requirement. Face Recognition: The all new face recognition technology identifies the images of your pets babies and arranges them accordingly so that it will be easy to share them.
Kid’s Mode: The kid’s mode restricts the level of data to be shared and hides all the data on the desktop so that kids can only access the data that you want them to be shared.
Mi Roaming: Mi Roaming is the new customized virtual SIM service feature that is currently available in only 36 regions where you can enjoy international roaming with minimal cost. Buy data at an average price of just 0.1 yuan per MB or starting at 15 yuan per GB (US$2.3 approx.).
My Business Card: My business card allows you to add an image to the contact list or a five-second video to contact that will show up when your friend calls you. These were the features and small functionalities that attracted us the most. MiUi7 ROM will be available for Redmi 2, 2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note series and the Redmi Note series. Thr Beta ROM will be available for users from August 25th.

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