ACT Fibernet tariff Prices Slashed; 100MBPS Now At Just Rs.1,999

ACT which is short for Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd has slashed the prices of their broadband tariff plans in Hyderabad. The company is now offering a whopping 100MBPS speed which will cost you just Rs.1,999 with 200GB FUP limit and post FUP the speed will come down to 4MBPS. Other plans include a base 1Mbps speed with 35GB FUP limit(post-FUP 512Kbps), 10Mbps with 50GB FUP(post-FUP 1MBPS), 40Mbps with 100GB FUP limit(post-FUP 3MBPS), 60Mbps with 125GB FUP limit(post-FUP 3Mbps) and the premium one with 100Mbps speed. 
It is known the thing that Bangalore-based ACT has acquired the Beam Telecom few months ago. Currently, the plans include various speeds with FUP limit to each plan. Currently, ACT is one of the top ISP provider in Hyderabad and Bangalore. The revised speeds and FUP data will we effective starting today in Hyderabad, no idea for the rest of the cities. 

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