Chromecast(2015) with Fast Play Feature, Better WiFi Support Announced For $35

Google has announced the all new Chromecast(2015) edition at the Nexus event yesterday. The chromecast gets brand new design and partly modified internals on board. let’s dig into the details.

Chromecast(2015)’s biggest hardware change is that it will now support the 5GHz band and the faster 802.11ac standard which not only streams the contents faster but also gets past any network related congestions. The Fast Play feature analyses your audio/video watching habits and pre-caches some amount of data. To put that in simple, once you start the chromecast and turn on the app and navigate to the content you have it in your mind the chromecast would have already downloaded some part of the content. This actually increases the normal day-to-day usage by allowing faster playback.


This time around Google has added some features to the gamers and developers allowing them to render the games on the smartphone and on TV as well but the sole controls will be on the smartphone, this feature will surely gain some attention for those who love playing games. The chromecast application now tells you which apps are compatible with the device and gives you content-based recommendations time to time. The all new chromecast carries the same $35 price tag bringing in a lot of changes and abilities. It will be available in around 17 countries.

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