LOGITECH Announces K380 Bluetooth Keyboard And M337 Bluetooth Mouse at IFA 2015

Logitech has announced Bluetooth enabled keyboard and mouse at IFA 2015 in berlin. The Multi-device keyboard comes with an option to connect to multiple devices at a single time as the name itself refers to Multi. The K380 keyboard connects to your computer, Tablet, smartphone or any other device via Bluetooth 3.0 functionality. Switching between device is done via “Easy Switch” button provided. The K30 Bluetooth keyboard supports Win 7/8/8.1 and the latest Win 10 as well, Pairs perfectly with ChromeOS, Android 3.2 and IOS 5. 
The Keyboard measures 10-meters vertically and weighs 423 Grams with 279x124x16mm dimensions. Comes in Blue and Black color options to choose from. The company says that the keyboard has 2 years of massive battery life, AAA batteries that come equipped within the keyboard. Priced at Rs 2,795 and will be available in the market from October.
The Logitech M337 wireless Bluetooth mouse works with any Windows Operating System running Win 7 or later. The mouse comes in four different colors-Black, Blue, Grey and Red colors and the rubber type material used gives the Mouse a better grip while accessing. Single AAA series battery gives 10 months of battery life. Priced at Rs.2,345 and will be available from later this month. 

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