Meizu Mini and Mini Pro Compact Wireless Routers Introduced

Meizu introduced Mini and Mini Pro compact sized wireless routers at the Pro 5 Smartphone launch event in Beijing today. These wireless compact routers come with 4-layer PCB board design language reducing their size to point where you can carry them in your pocket. They are made up of dual polycarbonate material that makes it fire and heat-resistant with strong durability. Let’s talk more about the specifications and working of these routers.


The Mini Pro variant comes with MT7628AN (2.4GHz) + MT7610E (5GHz) processor which basically offers you a download speed of up to 433MBPS and the Mini variant comes with MT7628AN (2.4GHz) processor with lesser download speeds compared with the Pro. There is 64MB RAM, RJ45 port, Reset button and a Blue LED indicator. These wireless routers don’t need separate power cable as it directly connects to the power supply which makes it even more portable  with 71.8 grams so flexible to use it anywhere required. The FPC antenna built-in provides wider and stronger signal strength. The smart companion app for your smartphone lets you configure the WiFi and checks the status of your WiFi, another interesting thing is that you can set timer for the router to automatically shutdown when there is no internet connectivity.


This tiny little gadget will cost you $11 or Rs.715 for the Mini while the Mini Pro will cost you $19 or Rs.1,230. They both go on sale in China very soon but no details on the global roll out. Stay tuned.


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