Opera Gets a Brand New Logo and A New Brand Identity

Opera has overhauled a brand new logo and a new brand identity keeping the very popular letter ‘O’ in same old red color as the users should remember their brand, but this time in a three-dimensional way symbolically tells the users to do more. Opera was started 20 years ago as a browser vendor since then the company has foreseen much major advanced in their product line up and is now more than just a browser vendor providing great online user experience with the updated and most advanced browser in recent times. In order to reflect that in their line-up Opera has now dropped the word ‘software’ and is now simply called OPERA with a tagline that says ‘DO MORE’.


This brand new logo and icon will be updated to Opera Mini for IOS and Windows platform starting from today and rest of the portfolio will start with Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android and Opera for PC, Opera Max and Opera Coast  will adopt the new identity in the coming months. Opera’s advertising medium “Opera Media Works” will also inherit the new design and logo right from today. What do you guys think about the Opera’s New Logo and new identity? let us know down below.

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