RUNTASTIC’S MOMENT Fitness Tracking Watch Announced; Claims to Give 6-months Battery Life

Runtastic, A company which was recently acquired by Adidas for $239 million is famous for its fitness tracking app. The company has expanded its service with a fitness tracking watch which helps in tracking most of the activities for the users. The watch we are talking about is the “Runtastic’s Moment“. The watch keeps track of steps walked, calories burned, sleeping time and more and these all works with the help of Runtastic Me app in which all your data is synced via Bluetooth. 
Though the watch looks and has an analog display it has the ability to display distance covered when and where any kind of activity is being done. The Key highlight of the watch must be the 6-months battery life which company claims to be a stand out among the competition. Do note the watch doesn’t come with a heart rate sensor which might a deal breaker for some. There is a tiny LED notification light which will blink once you are reaching your goal. 
Below listed are the 4 models.
Moment Elite: This is the premium one among all which is made up to stainless steel dial and nylon-covered leather band. Priced at $179 and will be available in Black and white colors. 
Moment Classic: This will be available in more colors like silver, gold or rose gold with a high-quality leather band. Priced similar to Elite i.e $179. 
Moment Basic: The cheapest variant among all the other variants but still the functionalities remain the same. Priced at $129.
Moment Fun: Functionalities remain same but will be available in few other colors as well like Plum, Indigo, Raspberry and Sand. priced at $129.
Pricing might vary, but the functions and features of the watches remain the same. The watches are available to order but might ship some time later this month. 
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