Microsoft Announces A New $249 Band 2 That Features an OLED Display & A Bunch of Sensors

Microsoft has announced an upgraded or better yet next iteration of its fitness tracking band with a bunch of new features and a load of sensors to your wrist. The band is priced at $249 and will be available to Pre-order today itself and will ship from October 30. Let’s have a look at what’s changed and what new features added.

Design: Microsoft’s new band 2 sports a curved OLED display that is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection with a resolution of 320 by 128 pixels which we believe to decent enough. The material used to design the band 2 is TPSiV (thermal plastic elastomer silicone vulcanate).


Features: Microsoft Band 2 comes with optical heart rate monitor, an inbuilt GPS, 3-axis accelerometer/gyro, gyrometer, a skin temperature sensor, a UV sensor, a galvanic skin response sensor. Man, these are just a lot of sensors! they can track your sleep timings, calories burned. The band 2 has Cortana integrated to a level where it will reschedule your workout if you missed one today. This impressed us big time.

The Barometer sensor will be of great use for the people who cycle, bikers, hikers and for those climbs a lot of stairs. Microsoft didn’t leave any stone unturned this time in regard to health and fitness tracking  and the stats display during the event were also impressive. The band 2 will work with Android and IOS along with Windows. VO2 is a new measure this is showcased, where the band will display the amount of Oxygen an athlete can use at any point of time and this data will be shown on the same display along with some tracking details which will help you train yourself.

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