Microsoft’s First Ever Laptop-Surface Book Officially Announced; Starts at $1499

Microsoft has unveiled their first ever laptop which is more than just a laptop, the display can be detached like 2-in-1. The laptop is priced at $1499 we are quite impressed with the features and specifications of the laptop so let’s dive into it.

The surface book sports a 13.5-inches PixelScreen display (3000×2000 pixels) with same 267 pixels per inch, the display can be detached making justice to the name surface and to make the display part thinner Microsoft has added the ports to keyboard. The black bezels look hefty for a premium laptop with just 7.7mm thickness(without including the keyboard) and 13-22.8mm in thickness along with the keyboard.


The hinge type design makes it easier to detach the display and attach again in one place which is quite impressive.  Powered by Intel’s latest Skylake chipset with i5 or i7 depending on the models with dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GPU for all graphical need and if what Microsoft had shown in demo is true, Gaming should be a delight on the new Surface Book. There is dedicated GDDR5 16GB memory with 8GB or 16GB of Ram, there is PCIe 3.0 SSD with four storage options-128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1 TB. Microsoft claims that the Surface Book is fastest and most powerful 13″ laptop on the planet and is also two times faster than MacBook pro. The back-lit keyboard comes with 1.6mm key travel space between which makes typing a delight. The glass trackpad has 5 point multi-touch. Microsoft claims that this Surface book will last for entire 12 hours on a single charge which caught our attention. There is also a fingerprint reader beside the trackpad which unlocks on placing the finger.


The Surface book price starts from $1499 for base 128GB and goes up to $2,699 for 1 TB model. Available for pre-order today and start shipping on October 26th. It will be interesting to see how other OEM’s will compete with the Microsoft laptop.

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