Coolpad Note 3 Review: Get’s The Basics Right

The competition between smartphones under 10K price range is not stopping anytime soon, companies at the same time are aiming to mark their presence by bringing premium smartphones at an attractive price point. It has come to a level where even we find it very hard to suggest the best smartphone under 10K price range and now to make it, even more, complicated Coolpad Note 3 is here with some amazing stats. Coolpad might be a new brand for the India markets who has just launched 2 smartphones those are Dazen 1 and Dazen X7 earlier but for some reason Coolpad and Dazen are no longer together. But then the company says that they have been into the Indian markets since a long time where it used to provide rebranded smartphones for the Indian smartphone companies,  but none the less it still counts as a New brand. With Note 3 the company is here to stay for a long time provided if it can support or provide good after sale support which many companies lack nowadays. What makes the Note 3 a good contender you ask? well, it gets all the basics right which make it kind of perfect smartphone under 10K, kind of? yes, it has its weaknesses which we will find out in my review.

Coolpad Note 3 Review:

Coolpad Note 3 Build and Design:

The smartphone’s design is nothing new, thanks to the rebranded phones of Coolpad we are familiar with the design of the smartphone, but then we are not complaining about anything here. The device features a clean design language though it sports a huge 5.5-inches display the device fits perfectly in our hands thanks to the narrow bezels, great weight distribution and curved edges it won’t be a pain to hold the device in one hand and operate. The baby skin back which company calls it is a clean matte finish that isn’t slippery after all but gets dirty quickly making us constantly clean it. The metal frame rim running around the top side of the phone gives it a premium look.

Up front, we have a massive 5.5-inches HD display, the usual set of sensors like proximity and ambient light sensors, front facing the 5-megapixel shooter, and the main earpiece sitting beside the tiny LED notification light. down below the HD IPS display we find three capacitive buttons which correspond to back, home, the recent menu though these are not the backlit company has painted in white which might make it difficult to access in the dark. On the right side, we find the volume rockers which give a good amount of feedback but we would have appreciated if they are more tactile, while, on the left side, all we have been the power on/off button.

Flipping the phone to the rear side, we find the most talked Fingerprint Sensor on first look, yes Coolpad Note 3 comes with a fingerprint sensor in case you didn’t know making it the first smartphone to feature a fingerprint sensor under Rs.10,000. Other than the fingerprint sensor, we have the primary camera, LED flash, a secondary mic for voice cancellation, coolpad branding and speaker grills.

We find users constantly worry about the design and build quality of the smartphones that are priced well under 10,000 but that’s not the case with Note 3 and we are very confident to say Coolpad has done a good job with the design and build quality. Thumbs up for the design and build.

Coolpad Note 3 Display:

Coolpad Note 3 sports a 5.5-inches HD IPS display accounting to a pixel density of 267 PPI but don’t get fooled by this number, the display really bright and is also sharp unless you start noticing the pixelation. The viewing angles are great and the display is visible at some extreme angles, but the reflective nature of the display makes it hard to view under broad daylight. We are presently surprised how great the display is, media consumption is delight thanks to the massive display. The con with the display must be it doesn’t come with any protection, on the other hand, competitors like Yureka Plus and Zenfone 2 Laser comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Yet another positive point of the Coolpad Note 3.

Coolpad Note 3 Hardware & Performance: 

In the internals, Coolpad Note 3 is powered by MediaTek MT6753 Soc clocked at 1.3GHz Octa-Core processor with Mali T720 GPU, Coupled with 3GB Ram. Again don’t get fooled by the lower clocked speed, the device performance for day-to-day normal usage is smooth and snappy, we didn’t notice any lag in U.I or signs of slowing down. MediaTek’s MT6753 is a clear winner for many smartphones this year which can perform great. The device performs great while multitasking, but for some reason the multi-window feature on board was lagging which is clearly noticeable but then again coolpad threw that feature anyway. Note 3 is the first smartphone to have 3GB Ram on board which helps in heavy multitasking and switching between apps.

Coming to the gaming experience, we played a range of games like Asphalt 8, MC 5, Unkilled, Subway surfers and Need for speed No limits these games ran fine but for some reason Unkilled game kept crashing while on the other hand Asphalt 8 started lagging and dropping frames when we tried playing it in high graphic settings, but once we bring them to medium settings the games ran just fine without any issue at all. so to sum up the gaming experience the device can play games with medium graphical settings but not in high mode. If you are not into gaming in a smartphone you will find the device smooth as butter in the day-to-day usage.

The Heating: During our testing, we didn’t notice any overheating issue but we did feel the warmness while using resource intensive applications and continuous gaming. The max Temp we noticed is around 48 degrees.

Coolpad Note 3 Fingerprint Sensor:

The fingerprint sensor on the Note 3 smartphone surely deserves a special mention. Generally we don’t get a fingerprint sensor on a smartphone that costs Rs.9,000 actually the line should go ” it’s silly to expect a fingerprint sensor on a smartphone that costs Rs.9,000″ but once Coolpad has launched their Note 3 we were equally surprised and happy at the same time seeing the budget market evolve, but then we thought of the fingerprint sensor as a marketing gimmick which the company is using to pull sales now we stand corrected, the fingerprint sensor on Note 3 is fantastic and is accurate all the time. Registering the fingerprint sensor takes about 30 seconds once you are finished setting it up you are good to go. We still can’t believe how amazing the fingerprint sensor on this functions, we tried many use cases hoping the device would fail but not once it failed, however, wrong placement of the finger might show an error well, that’s how fingerprint sensors should work. But the only thing that we think as a con is placement don’t get me wrong because when you want to unlock the phone which is placed on a flat surface you need to pick up the device and place your finger to unlock other than that the rarely failed to register finger error message we don’t have anything against the Fingerprint sensor on this.



Coolpad Note 3 OS and Storage:

Coolpad Note 3 runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box with Cool U.I based customized OS on top and we are not very sure about the android updates in future but, for now, we can make peace with the Lollipop. The device comes with some unwanted or what people call bloatware which might annoy power and regular users at times, so we tried to uninstall them few of them could be removed while the rest can be disabled. The default keyboard is buggy and keeps showing irrelevant ads so we had to shift to the google keyboard instead.

On board, we get around 16GB internal storage with an SD card slot for memory expansion up to 64GB. Out of the 16GB, we get around 9.25GB available on first boot. OTG is also supported and I could use the files and play videos as well. On whole storage won’t be any problem at any point of time. There is no app drawer and the apps are found to be arranged like IOS style just like any other Chinese smartphone U.I’s. there are gestures like double to wake, etc. The rock wallpaper is the one which we found interesting which on tapped will change the wallpaper instantly. For some weird reason, the U.I freezes for some time we still couldn’t figure out the reason. Another bug we noticed is the LED notification which blinks even when we did not receive any new notifications, weird eh?.

Coolpad Note 3 Camera:

Coolpad Note 3 features a 13-megapixel autofocus rear camera with LED flash, f/2.0 aperture, and a noise cancelling microphone while on the front we have a 5-megapixel shooter. After seeing some impressive results in performance, design, fingerprint sensor we are a bit disappointed with the camera performance on the Note 3, don’t get us wrong, the device can shoot decent images in good lighting conditions but when we shift to low-light and artificial lighting the camera suffers from taking good pictures though the details captured is good the noise in the pictures spoil everything. Same goes with the front facing as well, the images are beautified by default making them look artificial and can find a lot of grains in them. The video recorded via rear camera is good for a 1080p as said the details are good, but the noise levels should have been in control. Do have a look at the images clicked to get a clear idea.

The camera apps is familiar if you have used or came across Dazen 1 interface. There is Pro mode which allows you to change ISO, White balance and color mode. Digging further into the camera app you find filters which can be used to capture pics, HDR mode to capture high dynamic range images and the camera takes 2 seconds time to process HDR images. There is dim light shot which is low-light mode and this mode is effective at times. Smile shot, gesture shot panorama are some of the other features of the camera application.

Coolpad Note 3 Battery:

Coolpad Note 3 features a 3000mAh non-removable battery and the battery doesn’t come with any fast charging technologies so it takes around 2 to 2.5 hours to charge the phone from 3% to all the way up to 100%. The battery life on this is good on a normal day’s usage I used to get around 4:00 to 4:30 hours of screen on time which is pretty good for a budget smartphone. If you are a normal light user you can get one single day battery life without any need to charge it again but if you power user you will have to find a plug port to charge it. On continuous video playback test, the device lasted for 9 hours before giving low battery warning message. On whole the battery life on this is pretty decent.

Coolpad Note 3 Connectivity:

Connectivity features include 4G LTE which works without any issues but once in a while it drops from 4G and goes back  to some reception issue, but that’s is not something we would bother, but it’s worth mentioning. WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, GPS these features work fine without any errors or issues at any point.

Coolpad Note 3 Review

Coolpad Note 3 Verdict:

Well there you go except for the low-light camera performance and some lag in heavy intense games we still don’t have anything up against the Coolpad Note 3 and in case if you still want to ask us about the best smartphone under 10K we would surely suggest you keep the Coolpad Note 3 on top of your list. Being a budget-oriented smartphone, the Coolpad Note 3 does Justice to every department and does offer value for your money. First ever smartphone under 10K to feature Fingerprint sensor, first ever smartphone under 10K to have 3GB Ram.Do note the device carries a fair amount of drawbacks like the Avg camera performance, trouble playing intense gaming if you can compromise on both these the device is surely one hell of a performer.


Coolpad and Dazen are no longer together, both are now independent brands in India now. The device is exclusively available via via Flash sales, the first flash sale was held on October 20th where the company claims to have sold over 15,000 units. The next flash in on November 3rd i.e Tomorrow so in order to purchase the device you need to register for the sale. The device is priced at Rs.8,999.  This is our Coolpad Note 3 Review, hope you found it useful.

Punch Line:

Coolpad Note 3 Get’s the Basic’s Right thus being the best smartphone under Rs.10,000 you can buy. Coolpad Note 3 is definitely here to Stay for a long time.

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