OnePlus Icons Earphones Launched in india for Rs. 2999

OnePlus has launched the in-ear-style Icons earphones in India, these earphones were announced last month and today they are made available for Indian users. These in-earphones are priced at Rs.2,999 and are available in Gold and Graphite colors via Let’s discuss the features of OnePlus Icons.

OnePlus Icons are built with smooth aluminum and has a metallic finish. The 51-degree angle provides better noise isolations thus providing immense music experience. These earphones are Lightweight and the Enamelled copper wire ensures premium wire core material. There is an In-built Microphone for excellent speech recognition. The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is upto 110 dB.

Features of OnePlus Icons:

  • Inspired by the king of instruments: The asymmetric design of the earphones, taking cues from the organ piano, gives the OnePlus Icons a completely unique look. Composed of smooth aluminum, it feels sturdy and metallic, yet incredibly light. With their meticulously polished finish, the metal build shows off a soft luster at every angle for a premium, stylish feel.
  • Designed for a richer sound: While most earbuds take on a conventional dual-chamber design, the OnePlus Icons utilize three distinct chambers to change the intensity of low-frequency sound. The distinctive OnePlus Icons design, most notably the two hollow columns, is inspired by the blueprint of an organ piano. It allows you to experience a rich resonance of bass, ensuring clarity without distortion. The organ sound chamber structure expands the earphones’ treble and bass scope, resulting in a deeper and full-bodied sound.
  • Compared to the more commonly found 9mm driver earphones, we took on the challenge of producing more premium 11 mm drivers that give a fuller and richer bass performance. They are designed to deliver uncompromising clarity that reveal the intricate notes distinguishing voice and sound. Get lost in the immersive beats of your favorite music the way they were meant to be heard.
  • We believe that quality materials equal a better audio experience, which is why we selected a state-of-the-art, malleable aluminum composite for the Icons’ diaphragm. It offers a truly natural and authentic sound that emphasizes a clear mid-range, matched with a balanced bass and treble. It’s like a live concert
  • You’re in control: The three-button in-line remote control enables you to easily play or pause your music, crank the volume up or down, and answer incoming phone calls. Compatible with all OnePlus devices and most Android phones, the OnePlus Icons perfectly complement your audio experience.

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