Best Android Phones Under 10000 You Can Buy In India: Gadget Nations Year End Review

What’s The Best Android Phones Under 10000I hear this very same question very often and I find it very hard to suggest one particular device when we have so many game changing Best Android phones Under 10000 this year. Thanks to Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad, Meizu and Asus which are currently holding a very good grip in this segment. Though we don’t suggest any smartphones to our reader that are just rich in terms of specifications but should excel in terms of providing best end-user experience end of the day. As you guys are already aware of the heat in this price segment do bear with us if the list of Best Android Phones Under 10000 is little bigger than what you would expect. Yes, the list is completely unbiased so don’t worry with the authenticity our opinion we suggest. So here goes.

Best Android Phones Under 10000:

Coolpad Note 3: This will surely turn to be surprising for some but yes it’s true, Coolpad Note 3 deserve a sweet spot in the Best Android Phones Under 10000 list. The device features familiar design languages but still manages to pull it off with incredible and fast fingerprint sensor on board which is a unique feature for a smartphone under 10000. The device sports a 5.5-inches HD display that reached our expectation with a sharp display and negligible or no pixelation. We must say, the OS optimization is not that great as we still have some bugs with the OS, the camera performance is just average. The Coolpad Note 3 surely tops the list of Best Android Phones Under 10000.

Coolpad Note 3

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL: Asus has had a good run this year with a wide range of portfolio, One among the list is the Zenfone 2 Laser the device which we reviewed long ago has impressed us with best in class camera, build quality and excellent battery backup. To be frank, the smartphone’s camera can be easily classified as the best under sub 10,000 price marker. Apart from the camera, the device’s build quality might look routine for some but it’s tried and tested design for Asus so we assume there’s nothing wrong with that. The battery on this stands third right down the Lenovo’s Vibe P1m and Note 3. We surely recommend you guys to have a look at Zenfone 2 Laser if you are searching for Best Android Phones Under 10000.

Zenfone 2 Laser

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Lenovo A7000: Lenovo’s smartphone division has taken a massive hit this year with the launch of an affordable 4G smartphone-The A6000 which not only changed the phase of Lenovo but a slight amount of the 4G market share in India. After being so successful with the A6000, The company has come up with next iteration, the A7000 which is surely one of the best smartphones under 10000 price range in India. The device features a 720p HD display that is surprisingly very impressive and Powered by MediaTek chipset that performs so good for day-to-day usage. During our limited time testing the device we rarely found ourselves noticing a lag or slowing down. The con of the device has to be the plastic build although this is what you get on a smartphone costing less than 10,000. Do have a look at this guy if you are in the market(online of course).


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Meizu M2 Note: Yes, Currently the most underrated smartphone in the sub-10000 market, the device features an impressive build quality that looks like metal. Apart from the build we like the form factor of the smartphone, it can be easily handled with one hand and usage is also comfortable. The camera on this guy is another plus point we liked the way dynamic range and still images processing on the smartphone. On the cons side, the loudspeaker and video recording is also average. A good camera combined with an impressive performance made this smartphone enter our list of best smartphones under 10k.


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Lenovo Vibe P1m: Yet another Lenovo device in our list it is the Vibe P1m. The device features a massive 3900mAh battery on board and provides incredible battery backup and it easily tops the list of better battery device under 10000. Next good thing about the device is the decent screen quality although it does attract fingerprints. The company has also provided the fast charging within the box. On the con side, the camera is strictly average in indoor lighting conditions. Do have a look at Lenovo Vibe P1m if battery and decent build quality is your top priority.

Lenovo Vibe P1m

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Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime: Xiaomi’s phase under the sub-1000 market had a clear winner with simple and compact design language. The display on the Redmi 2 Prime is great so are the viewing angles. The device is powered by tried and tested Qualcomm Snapdragon 410Soc which basically does the job for a budget-centric smartphone, the battery life on the Redmi 2 is another plus point for the device, during the time we tested the battery gave us 4 hours of screen on time, Sweet. Though the Pro’s dominate the con side it is our duty to mention the cons, the device suffers from an Avg camera in the indoor lighting conditions, also, the biggest let down for the device has to be the OS. Redmi 2 prime still runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat and the users of the smartphones are yet to receive the Lollipop update where Google already rolled out the Marshmallow.

Redmi 2 prime

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Huawei Honor 4X: Huawei has upped its game this year with the launch of affordable 4G LTE smartphones in India. The device features a decent battery life coupled with decent camera performance outdoors. The build quality of the device is one the positive point. 4G LTE powered device performs great and it can runs any game thrown at it but you might want to adjust the graphic settings to medium. Huawei honor 4X sure deserves a look when you are looking to buy a smartphones.


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Yes, we are done with the list. But we do have something to say about the list. There are many other smartphones in the same price range some excel in the camera while some offer better battery, end of the day the real-time performance is what matters to us and we want our reader to have the best experience. Xiaomi’s latest addition, The Redmi Note prime is also a good buy, but we doubt the fact that you would want to buy a device that still run Android 4.4.4.

We still feel the Meizu M2, and smartphones from InFocus and many other models are worthy competitors of the models we mentioned but as we said, the list is being prepared from our personal experience during the time we tested and reviewed them. So there you go this is our list of Best Android Phones Under 10000.

Have You guys used or using any of the mentioned models? Tell us your experience with it. We would love to hear it from you guys.

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