Goyano Android App Review-Everything You Want to Know About The APP

Back to the App Reviews series after some time, the app we are going to check and have a brief look is “ Goyano ”  more like Go-Ya-or-No from the name itself it’s quite obvious that the app will provide brief information about certain things and places that we people like to hang out. Ok, I know that you guys need to little more than this piece of information so let’s discuss the app in detail and break down the functionality.

The weekend is about to come and yeah people stressed out would want to go out have dinner join some crazy events and have fun and leave back the stress so to plan a perfect weekend you need to collect a lot of information like where to have dinner, where to hang out and events going on around your city? This task has become tedious than we would have thought so in order to eliminate the unwanted wastage of time, Gaurav Singh and Nitin Sharma-Founders of Goyano App have come up with an idea that will turn your weekend just the way you want it to be. Is the weekend not just about having outside food right? There’s more we would want to go to events, DJ parties, and many other events that we aren’t aware taking place in our own city, Sure we have many other resources using which we can find out the events, best place where we are served tasty food and many social media pages to know the information about the events but how about all these under the same roof? Well if you think that’s a good idea actually don’t think more have a look at Goyano, not convinced? Sure, allow us to convince you.

Many apps these days create barriers between the customers and merchants by providing half-baked information and the few those are available are too generalized and scattered, and thus leaving the customer needs to be scattered. Goyano provides a medium wherein the authorized influencers and publishes the key information like events & food related information dissemination and consumption on Goyano. This method will also bring out the inner talents of any artist and create him/her follower’s base. Do note these profile based system will be duly verified by the Goyano team regularly thus giving authentic information to the user.

Goyano also provides a dashboard wherein users can post their queries and get the solutions, book the orders, real-time offers available, this information will be genuine and users can directly book the artist for any performances at a private party if required. This is how the app functions and now let’s talk about the app design.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you are welcomed with a neat sign-up page wherein you can either create an account or sign up via Facebook or Google+ and all your data will be stored in your account. Next up you are asked to choose your location so that the app will display location-based events and restaurants and many more.

After you choose your location you are all set and the main homage page welcomes you with a bunch of events and most happening things in your city arranged in a neat list, as we mentioned above, just scroll left and can you find a section where you can ask the influencers about the events and know further details and the influencers will be available in various categories. Further scrolling left, You can see deals section where you can find good deals on restaurants, parties etc you can always opt them if you require them. This how simple the app is without any complex nature attached. I hope you guys are convinced that app will tune your weekend just the way you want it to be. So don’t wait further, just install the app and rock.

download The App Here: Goyano App

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