Moonbow Air Purifier Launched In India-Price Starts From Rs.12,990

The fact that most of us will agree on is that the air around us is getting more and more polluted due to the increased population and less greenery, it is high time we do something before the situation goes beyond our help. Government and many social activists have acknowledged the issue and are working on a solution that might trim the pollution, we won’t go deep into the ideas and ideology, but we are here to introduce a brand new product to you guys that will, at least, purify the air in your indoors. Yes, we are now talking about Moonbow air purifier that is going to enter the Indian markets with a host of new products. But before we talk about  Moonbow Air Purifier, let’s first talk a bit about the concept of Air Purifier.

Air Purifier Concept: The air around us is polluted to such an extent that it has turned out to be a health hazard so what can we do about it? I mean we can’t run and hide anywhere, can we?  A revolutionary idea of changing the polluted or non-pure air around us is using a mechanism that takes in the air and releases fresh air. That is what  air purifiers do. The way each purifier works may differ, but the basic functionality involved will be the same in any given case.


Moonbow Air Purifier:

Moonbow’s idea and philosophy: Moonbow is the product with a vision to be the change that we all will be a part of. Without being in a rat race, the product has a distinctive advantage over the existing product. Moonbow’s idea of being the change comes from the perspective of a brand that takes a stand as a medium of differentiation.

HEPA, aka High-efficiency Particulate Air, is a mechanical air filter that works its way by forcing the air through fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria & tobacco smoke, and to qualify as HEPA by the US government a standard air purifier must pass through 99.9% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm (microns). To qualify is one thing, but to become one of a kind in doing so is surely impressive.

Moonbow Technical Features: Moonbow Air Purifier is powered by Puri 5 Technology with 5 level purification process. First, the polluted air reaches the Pre-Filter which are washable and the Pre-Filter captures particles like hair, and other dust particles, thus, extending the life of the filter. Then, it passes through the Pre-HEPA filter which eliminates the particles by 99.985% which we said above, the HEPA purifier traps the germs and bacteria present in the air. Beyond the HEPA layer, we have the active carbon layer that will eliminate the noxious gases in the room within no time. The UV lamp removes the tiny germs and abnormal bacteria’s and the US reports have proved that it can. Finally, the last function of the Puri 5 mechanism is the refreshing energizer which makes the air fresh and, also, helps improve  the pulmonary and heart muscle function of the people inhaling that air.

The range of Moonbow Products and Features: Moonbow Air Purifier AP–A8608UIA Model is the primary product with many wide features and functionality. The model is powered by the above-explained Puri 5 technology with 5 level working mechanism resulting in a clean air around us. The air purifier functions automatically as it comes with Auto Function, with Dust Sensor on board. There is, also, an indicator that indicates the air quality so that we can keep a track on the purity levels. It also has a display with indicators, like the timer, speed control depending on the requirement and it can function in complete  silent mode. The sleep mode turns off the lights on the purifier and functions the same ways it should. A powerful Japanese motor on board will cover around 500 sq. ft. distance which should suffice the need for an indivisible room.  The power consumption of the unit is 70 watts. The unit, also, gives you indication In case the filter needs to be replaced. The replacement of the filter should be done every 2 years. The unit can be controlled using the bundled remote control which is one of its unique features. Speaking of the aesthetics, the unit can be placed anywhere indoors without worrying about the space being occupied as the unit is comparatively small in size.

The unit is being tested in the Korean institute of industrial technology for its efficiency and the results have proven that the purifier results in 99.985% work efficiency. The price of the product ranges from 12,990Rs -34,990 Rs.

We sure are eager to test out the air purifier and we are sure what company claims are true for what they are, so stay tuned for a review of the Moonbow Air purifier.

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