Nokia Ozo virtual reality camera Will Ship From Early 2016;Priced at $60,000

Nokia Ozo Virtual Reality was announced back in July this year and company has finally announced that it will start rolling out starting from early 2016 for the price of $60,000. The Ozo Virtual reality camera is made of milled aluminum alloy and it weighs around 4.3KGs with the Lithium-ion battery included. The Ozo VR camera can capture 360-degree video and audio. The spherical design of the Ozo Virtual Reality features cameras across it which will record simultaneously and it also features real-time VR preview, wireless operations are also possible and it not only record 360-degree video and audio, but it can broadcast which sure looks impressive. The eight synchronized global shutter sensors capture stereoscopic 3D video and record audio via the eight integrated microphones. The Ozo VR cameras have f/2.4 aperture.

Nokia Ozo Virtual Reality

Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies Said:

We’re at the dawn of an exciting new medium that will transform the way people connect to stories, events, and the world around them. OZO is a powerful tool designed for the professional creators who will answer the most exciting and intriguing questions about the possibilities for virtual reality.

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