RailYatri : Best App for all Indian Railway enquires

We are back with another app review in our series, and today we are going to talk about RailYatri, a super intelligent app for managing all your train journeys. The app has got all the details, functions needed, under a single roof. Though you cannot directly book your tickets within the app, as that can only be done via the IRCTC website. So let’s start our review by talking about the app design and then move onto the functionalities.

App Design and Structure: The RailYatri Android app has got a simple and clean design. The app has adopted the design elements of the Lollipop OS without compromising on styling. As soon as you download and install the app, you are asked to select your location or better yet the app will ask you to turn on the location settings and once you are done with the step, you are welcomed to the Home menu where in you can check details like Time Table of Trains, Current Running Status, pnr status, Train between Stations, Seat Availability, Fare Calculator and also you can track the train running status. The whole menu is neatly arranged in the side panel and can only be accessed when swiped right, keeping the design element in check.

On the main Home screen, the app shows all the locations to choose from and will display the user based related information. Down below the locations menu, you can find a real-time option which will display the Top Delayed Trains list for the day which we personally feel is impressive as this kind of data needs to be constantly updated and we know how hard and important it is. Down below, you can know the Live Announcements made by the Indian Railways. It’s not always about trains and schedules we want to know, something about the history of trains and amenities at the station will also help us, isn’t it? So, you can also find a related feature wherein you will find some small stories about History of Trains along with images  making the feature very interesting to have a look, though.

Next up is the RY Bulletin which displays the live news announcements within RailYatri app helping you to plan accordingly. The feature which we are going to talk about next will surely make you want to install the app for sure; the Rail Wisdom of the Day. This feature informs users about best places, tasty and healthy food at a particular place, safe journey points, retiring room facilities, availability of wheelchairs, parking areas, ancient sites and their stories, etc. This feature will surely help those who constantly travel via trains, as it helps in expanding the knowledge about a certain destination. So, this is how simple and elegant the app design is. Now let’s head to the Tools and their functioning.

Tools Functioning:

  1. My Trips: This feature will display your previous journeys, and will help if you wish to take the same trip again in the future.
  2. Time table and Platform: This feature will display the train timings and the platform which the train is expected to arrive/depart. This will eliminate the confusion passengers face after arriving at a railway station. You can also save the time table for offline viewing, thus saving on your data costs
  3. Live Arrival time and departure timings: This feature will help you in checking the timings of the arrivals and departure of trains.
  4. PNR Status: The PNR Status feature will have an input section where you need to enter your PNR number and the app will track the current status of your bookings. PNR number can be manually entered and the data retrieval part will be done by the app itself within no time.
  5. Trains between Stations: This feature will help you in understanding about important and available trains within two stations. You can either enter the train name or code of the stations, to and fro. The optional field is where you can enter the date.
  6. Seat Availability and Forecast: This feature will provide information about the number of seats available and thus you can choose the best train option based on your preferences.
  7. Fare Calculator: This feature surely saves a lot of time. Just enter the train number and the app will display the exact fare break-up for the journey. All you have to do is just enter the train name or the number and boom you will find the fare of the trip.
  8. Speedometer & GPS Locations: The Speedometer option showcases the speed of the train on an Average scale. This is additional information. Your GPS location will provide the app with location based information and thus several suggestions and related information will be displayed.

This was the clear cut explanation of the RailYatri Android app. We will surely suggest you guys to try it out if you are travelling anytime soon. We are sure you will use it as default source of information from next journey onwards. Stay tuned for more such App reviews.

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