WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Coming Soon? The Leaked Images Says So

WhatsApp Voice calling feature was a smash hit just like the App which is currently used by 9 million users across the globe. The developers at WhatsApp are now apparently aiming to bring in the video calling functionality to the App. A German website has posted a couple of images showcasing the video calling features in action. This feature will apparently work with the Wi-Fi connection as well as the Data connection similar to what we have seen with the voice calling feature.

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

The Video calling feature has an accept and a decline buttons and an image of the caller in the background and small window video feed showing your image, you can switch between front and rear cameras while in the call. Furthermore, we are hearing reports that will allow users to have multiple chat tabs that will allow users to switch between tabs without having to go back to main chat screen. The video calling functionality is said to rolling out to IOS users in the first phase with App version v2.12.16.2. The video calling functionality might roll out in March 2016, as we have seen a leaked images of the voice calling feature during the same time last year and it was officially rolled out in March 2015. Stay tuned for more.

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