Wickedleak Alpha Review- Affordable Smartwatch With Decent Performance

Wickedleak is an Indian smartphone company but also brings other accessories like power banks, etc. while we talked about the company history and functioning in last Wickedleak post. The company is now trying its luck in wearable tech for the first time since the company has started. The wearable we are talking about is the Alpha smartwatch launched last month. The alpha smartwatch is both compatible with Android and IOS. So how good the smartwatch is? That’s the thing we will answer for you in our Wickedleak Alpha Review.

Wickedleak Alpha Review

Wickedleak Alpha Build and Design: The smartwatch Is build out of CNC stainless steel material with the curved display that sports a 1.54-inches with 240*240 resolution and company claims that the display is scratch resistant. On the right side, we have power on/off button to turn on or off the display being a non-AMOLED display you need to tap the power button when you want to access the watch. While there is a small port to charge the smartwatch. Flipping the watch to the rear side, we find the heart-rate sensor and inbuilt Tri-Magnetic BS-3D speakers to get all notifications. The strap connected to the dial is made of a decent quality material that can hold on to the dial. The material used all over sure looks decent for a smartwatch made by an India company. Overall the design of the smartwatch design looks decent for the price you pay.

Wickedleak Alpha Display: Wickedleak Alpha as said above features a 1.54-inches 240*240 display, not the greatest resolution for a smartwatch but we won’t start complaining here, the display looks adequate for the smartwatch functioning. There are two home screens wherein, one will be traditional dial which shows the time and yes we change the dial theme from the available 6 themes. The other screen will be the place where we see features and settings of the smartwatch like the Bluetooth settings, Heart-rate monitor apps, message box, dialer, etc. These are aligned neatly eliminated the unwanted confusion. Overall a good display and neatly arranged home screen make it a good combination.

Wickedleak Alpha Performance: The Alpha smartwatch is powered by MediaTek MT2502 Processor which according to the company is 60% faster and reliable in the similar price segment. The smartwatch connects to you Android or IOS device via the Bluetooth, connecting the smartwatch to your smartphone is simple and easy. Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and smartwatch be patient till your smartphone discovers the watch and then just tap on the device name it will be paired instantly. Once the watch is connected to your smartphone, you can access a wide range of features like taking calls directly via the smartwatch, call someone from the contact list synced with your smartphone, read or text someone from the messaging app, set an alarm, calendar etc. All these can be done just by connecting your smartphone to your smartwatch. The performance of these features is good enough for a budget smartwatch.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we also have the Bluetooth music app that syncs the music from your connected device and plays them as the watch comes with Tri-Magnetic BS-3D speakers which are loud enough but nothing that great. We also have the Pedometer sensor that counts the number of steps taken but for some weird reason, the sensor is not that accurate it misses few steps while walking in a single direction. The sleep monitor app keeps a record of your sleeping habits once you adjust the start time.

Wickedleak Alpha Battery: The battery backup on this guy is good and it will easily last for an entire day with minimal usage. We tested out the smartwatch by just leaving it connected to the smartphone with Bluetooth on for an entire day and it lasted a day for us and another day we testing with the features like taking calls, using pedometer sensor, and other features, we had to charge the watch once before the day ended. On whole, the Alpha has mediocre battery backup.

Wickedleak Price and Availability: The wickedleak smartwatch is priced at Rs.5,990 however the watch was initially launched for Rs.6,990, making it a sweeter deal for the budget buyers. The watch will be available in Silver, Black, Brown colors and you can get one for yourself on Wickedleak’s official Website with options like free lifetime pickup and drop at your doorstep, 7 days money back guarantee and 1-year standard warranty.

Punchline: Wickedleak Alpha Review Concludes that the watch can perform decently and above all the watch just costs Rs.5,990 so there’s simply no catch on this guy.

You can get one for yourself Here: Wickedleak Alpha

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  1. Reply SHINOJ March 16, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    Be very careful
    before buying Wickedleak products.I purchased wammy titan 4 mobile in may-18 after searching lots of phone i have selected this mobile as my choice. I was so much exited to get this phone for the featured it had at such a great price. But as I received the phone and when used it I experienced a lot of problems..I am having
    following issues.

    1. severe heating
    especially at earpiece area while using due to it i cant place it on my ears
    for calling.

    2. very low battery
    back up not even one day

    3.now the device
    has became very slow

    4. centre button
    is not working properly

    5. I contacted customer care and they told me to
    sent the phone and I sent to them they simply returned the phone without doing
    anything even not changing the battery.When I received it back I checked the battery same battery life also heating issue.Then I mailed them regarding battery
    issues and no use. Now the
    charging port is not working properly Still the phone gets heated very badly
    and I cant place on my ear after using 3g for some time. I lost my 15000 rs
    very bad experience.

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